Things TheTopTens Users Say As a Response to Trolls

The Top Ten Things TheTopTens Users Say As a Response to Trolls

1 "???"
2 "Bruh, get out, you obvious 12 year old lifeless kid. :)"

That's just cold stop - Pokemonfan10

3 "k"
4 [Copy of what troll said]

I never understood why people take trolls seriously. I actually find them quite humorous. - Swellow

5 "Don't feed the troll"

Indeed, don't feed the troll. They might get offended. - Userguy44

6 "Not entertained"
7 "What the hell? Please kill yourself."
9 "Um.... what....?"
10 Go back to hiding under your bridge

The Contenders

11 "Go eat a goat"
12 "Please, you are an obvious troll. Leave this site now."
13 "I will report you."
14 "I'll just block you because blocking you makes me superior."
15 "Troll"

It's so garbagely annoying.

16 "Stop trying so hard to troll"
17 “Triggered Godzilla fan”
18 "Meh"
19 "It happens"
20 "He's a troll. Why bother?"

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks: I'M NOT A TROLL YOU GOOF! - Userguy44

21 "Eh"
22 "You people do realize that your anger is what trolls want right?"
23 "Get a Job!"
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