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Well this website has over 80,000 of them, so they're a huge part of the website. - PianoQueen

I don't think this site would be called TheTopTens without lists - Mcgillacuddy

Obviously, imagine TheTopTens without lists - Martinglez

It wouldn't be TheTopTens without lists. - TheFourthWorld

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How would I make this comment without commenting? - PianoQueen

This website is to share your opinions. How can you share opinions without commenting? - TheFourthWorld

If there is no comments how we know that what people think about - Righteous

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Of course. - TheFourthWorld

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Admin changed my list to a community one so people can add items!

He created the site, without him, TheTopTens wouldn't exist. - Catacorn

He/she approves everything, and created the website. - PianoQueen

Kissin'-up, much?

If he quit the site, no more lists or posts could be added. You may not like him/her, but Admin's necessary. - PianoQueen

5 Pointless user-ranking lists

You know, the thing everyone complains about. - PianoQueen

6 Pointless comparison lists

The other thing we all complain about. - PianoQueen

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I love posts!

8 Justin Bieber on lists
9 Messaging
10 The “I have no idea what to put for 10" item

Or you don’t know what to put for 6.

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