Top Ten Things Things That Makes You Seem Smart

What's that, you think you're dumber than my pet rock, that's ok I'll make you the next Albert Einstein by just reading the lists.

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1 Understanding Sarcasm
2 Hate things that are popular

If you're able to think differently then my jolly aren't you just a genius, people will start caring and you don't even need to have an opinion about it. - SuperHyperdude

3 Grammar Nazi

I'm all of this list Exept:Gramar Nazi Wear Glases Like old Music

Actually, it’s smart if you know proper English. People who can actually speak their own language properly and spell even simple words are smarter than most people. Seriously. - Hermione_Granger220

4 Say big words

Like in what I was saying about ranting videos, make sure you don't say boring overused word and instead say big words and even more better rare words becausse there's going to be a big chance of your freinds of knowing what it means or what you're saying. - SuperHyperdude

5 Wear glasses

This definitely doesn’t make anyone seem smart. Seriously, people, they’re used to see. I mean, if they wear them to read... well, reading can make you smart, since it fuels imagination. - Hermione_Granger220

6 Rant about topics

Make sure you rant about atheism, people will eat that up and drink it down. Ranting videos with big words and a solid 20 minutes helps the rant take full effect. If that's not enough then make rants about Onision or MrRepzion, definitely not bagwagon topics - SuperHyperdude

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7 Like old music

Like old music, people will think that you have good taste of music because after all, there going to make great debates and compare other newer musicians that don't even make the exact same music and remember to start a drama all the time when someone like One Direction or other musicians because people are so peaceful when it comes to music. - SuperHyperdude

8 Catch people who are lying and showing off

Last year,
I had a classmate who was telling me and a group of 4 students that he just had invested money in the share market and had got a profit of $100, I asked him some basic questions about the stock market like what is Revenue, Nekkei, Dow Jones
He could answer none of them. - yatharthb

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9 Spot mistakes in movies

Even on your first attempt. Spotting mistakes in movies makes you look smart but its only because you watched the movie so much you can see the mistakes in the movies. So what are you waiting for, be the next CinemaSins - SuperHyperdude

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10 Making a list of things that make you seem smart

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11 Making a List Like This

Lol. - Hermione_Granger220

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