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21 You Can Comment Anything

Diet is die without the t

Anything. There, I just did that. - SuperMarioGamer

I like brutal death metal or anything. - Lucretia

Donald Trump is a rubbish president. - Pipluplover

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22 You Can Tell Your Favorite TV Show

Adventure Time and Regular Show. - AlphaQ

Avatar: The Last Airbender - PeeledBanana

Anything on the Justice channel is awesome. - Lucretia

Pokémon - Pipluplover

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23 Role Play As Your Favorite Character

Sometimes you have to step in someone's shoes to understand them. - naFrovivuS

The Dark Side is so strong, I go to the Dark Side because of your mother. The rule forbids us to love each other. - kontrahinsunu

Another average day at the Striaton Gym. Chili's busy working on another music lecture to give to the fanbase, Cress is practicing his violin, and I'm just sitting here watching it all. In case you didn't know, we're on lunch break. - RiverClanRocks

I need to go help the Avatar. - PeeledBanana

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24 You Can Joke Here

What's brown and sticky? A stick! - PeeledBanana

Once in my roof, I was listening to awesome rap music on my radio while jumping on my trampoline and I heard a screeching sound that sounds like a baby on crack. My ear started to bleed and I screamed and cursed loudly. I fainted.

When I was rushed to hospital the doctor was playing Stimulated by Tyga which cured me because the main reason I woke up was to switch it off. The doctor told me I heard Lil B's best song Wonton Soup and I nearly fainted because it was such a price of garbage. So I wanted to find my iPhone 69 to play something good like Starboy and Tiimmy Turner but everything was replaced by Rae Sremmurd and Charlie Puth songs.

Then I heard an evil laugh. It was Lil B. I asked him why the phuck he did All that. He said because I liked rap music. I got so scared I pissed all over him.

I went to the toilet to wash up. The really good news was that the doctor was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 and the background song was Panda. My day was saved. THE END - AlphaQ

25 Write Rap Lyrics

My name is Eminem and I'm here to say,
I hope you all are having a great day. - cjWriter1997

Bears go meow
Just like cows!
Ducks go moo
That's what they do! - HondaCivic

I'm not the second coming, I'm the first wave

Better get an army, cause the fire left me unscathed

You bet you bottom dollar I'm the top

So stick around cause I'll get to you in just a few

Step off the Achtung, get back or get stung

Idiotic sense of yourself, are you that dumb?

Entire legion of me, totalitarian

The one and only motherf***er, top of the world man

Cause I can't stand it, planned it, gonna crash land it

In other words, consider me branded

Another version of me, another version of you

Both barrels - what you gonna do? - NikBrusk

I roast b*tches daily, then I gobble them up

The bigger they name be, the harder they topple to dust

They ain't got it on Hendo, the mop with the luck

He'll still end their life even if he's propped on a crutch - SwagFlicks

26 You Can Argue With Each Other

I hate myself. There. - Lucretia

Me: I hate you.
Me: I hate you too.
Me: I'm incredibly lonely. - mattstat716

27 Comment About a Show You Never Heard of Whatsoever

I totally have never heard of Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer, I totally have never heard of that episode where she was sentenced to life in prison... - Lucretia

Taina, never watched that show... - DynastiSugarPop

The Last Airbender, I’ve heard lots of people talking about, but I’ve never seen it. - Pipluplover

28 You Can Make an Emoji Army

I hate emohis thogh - Lucretia

29 Post Anything You Want

I do enjoy a biscuit every now and then

Anything You Want - mattstat716

I do enjoy riding on biscuits and crashing into walls and it's find cause I'm barely 100 lb. - AlphaQ

Rubbish! - Pipluplover

30 Name Your Favourite Video Game

There's this really cool iOS app called Smash Hit. I love its simplicity, beautiful colorful settings, and absolutely amazing music. - naFrovivuS

It's a tie between Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of Memories for my favourite game.

Chrono Trigger or Metal Gear Solid. - cjWriter1997

Pokémon! - Pipluplover

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31 Diss Someone

I hate myself. There, just did. - Lucretia

32 Talk About Your Favorite TV Show

Survivor, duh. - naFrovivuS

No one outside of the UK and Australia has ever heard of Prisoner: Cell Block H! But I loved it so much. I was heartbroken when the reruns ended; so much so that I went out and bought the box set of over 600 episodes for an extortionate price. Life is good again. - Britgirl

Avatar: The Last Airbender is the best Nickelodeon show, best cartoon, and best T.V. show ever. Oh, and Zuko is the best character ever. - PeeledBanana

PONIES! (MLP) - Neonco31

33 Talk About School

Well, I liked everyone in my school because they're nice to everyone! I love my classes even if they're hard or not! It's like Hogwarts but without magic or Monster High without monsters or Ever After High without fairy tales! I really seemed to fit in with other kids, but no! I want to be myself! Everyone at my school seems to don't care for Melanie Martinez even though they only listen to rap! - DynastiSugarPop

It sucks. - NikBrusk

34 Add Undertale To It

It's already here, lol - Neonco31

But not nut

No I like undertale nut its everywhere :(

*Adds Undertale to the list* - mattstat716

35 Talk About Death Metal

I love brutal death metal! Especially Severe Torture and I really dislike deathcore a lot! - Lucretia

Sorry but Trash Metal is better - Neonco31

36 Comment About a Show You Never Watched

The Last Airbender - Pipluplover

Inside The Mind Of A Serial Killer is so awesome yet I have never watched it but I know the Israel Keyes episode is awesome, and I liked it when he was sentencecd to life! - Lucretia

Barney. - naFrovivuS

Shin Chan - PeeledBanana

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37 Add fictitious news articles

Headlines in Forever Young Monthly - Nursing Home Magazine

Today an elderly couple reminisced in an exclusive interview today about how they met over 50 years ago.
Gerry Attrik told our reporters earlier: "We first met when my glass eye flew out of its socket when I coughed on some extremely hot wasabi peanuts. She was sitting at the next table and it landed in her lap. You could say she caught my eye from across the room." - Britgirl

38 Listen to Samples of Music

Like, you haven't heard Baby before? You can do that. Haven't heard a Iggy Azalea song? You can do that too. You want to torture your friends for 30 seconds with Nicki Minaj crap? Well... YOU CAN EVEN DO THAT!

There's no songs on here though - Lucretia

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