Top 10 Things This List Doesn't Allow You to Do

Someone created a list called 'Top Ten Things This List Allows You to Do', but what about the things these lists DON'T allow you to do? There are many things this list does not allow you to do. Here are a few of them.

The Top Ten

1 Challenge all of the Miiverse administrators to a duel, defeat them, become the 'Supreme Admin of Miiverse', make everyone on Miiverse your henchmen and take over the world
2 Become 'The Greatest Person in the World', take over as TheTopTens admin and punch every TopTenner in their faces

That would be very, very hard to do, I don't even know every TopTenner.

3 Delete every list on this site and fill TheTopTens with lists about why you're awesome and everyone else sucks

Good. - Pokemonfan10

4 Turn into a Minecraft creeper, blow up Earth, respawn and fly to the moon in a UFO that looks like a pizza slice
5 Delete every website from the internet except TheTopTens, ban every TopTenner you hate and make all your followers your slaves
6 Get revenge on 13thEnigma for daring to make this list

Revenge leaves you nothing but blood on your claws. - Cyri


7 Find out were 13thEnigma lives, bombard her house with eggs, ban her TheTopTens account and destroy all her devices so she can't make another account

I didn't know she was a girl :P - Neonco31

8 Delete this list and create an exact copy of it, then delete the copy and create a copy of the copy, then delete it and...
9 Turn into an invincible zombie, start an apocalypse and become the king/queen of zombies
10 Have sex orgies with everyone who are reading this list

I did not add this. I'm a new member on TheTopTens, this is only the 3rd list I've created, and already I'm getting hated and trolled? Is this a new record or something?

I think!

The Contenders

11 Anything on this list

I can and will do what I like, regardless of what this list tells me I can't :P - Britgirl

You've misunderstood. This list isn't telling people what they can or can't do in their lives, it's just saying what they are unable to do on TheTopTens lists. Also, this list was made as a joke, not to be taken seriously.

Ironic - Neonco31

12 Add Justin Bieber to This List

Now this is VERY Ironic - Neonco31

Did you really have to add this, Neonco31?!

So let me get this right, Neonco31. You said that the Justin B joke is getting on your nerves, yet you add Justin Bieber to my list? Wow. That is hypocritical.

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