Top Ten Things to Throw at Your Boss When They Walk Past

Throw caution to the wind... Or at your boss! Haha! Got any more?

The Top Ten

1 Swivel Chair
2 Computer
3 Abuse

Expletives galore! Just make sure you've fixed yourself with another job first, you wally! - Britgirl

Hahaa! I love your lists! And I love you! How can anyone be so funny? - keyson

4 Yourself

If you're a performer of any sort, this is feasible. Otherwise you'll look like a complete moron. But it would be so worthy. - PositronWildhawk

Only if you know you'll benefit from it of course; otherwise what's the point? - Britgirl

Always best to do it yourself - jmepa123

*boss walks by* WEEE!

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5 Desk
6 Stupid Random Words

See my list (if you want to) of Random Words To Shout At Your Boss When He walks Past for some hilarious choice words. - Britgirl

7 Used Toilet Paper

You know the piece that gets stuck to your shoe when you leave the lav? Use that! Haha! - Britgirl

8 Your Resignation

Yeah your boss just walks by and you throw a paper at him - CityGuru

9 His Favourite Tea Mug
10 The First Thing That Comes to Hand

Literally ANYTHING that you get your hands on first. The new employee even... ! - Britgirl

Probably headphones, knowing me.
And... I'll need them back, thanks.

The Newcomers

? A net
? A vat of melted chocolate

My sister always says that she wishes she could dump a whole vat of melted chocolate on the heads of people she dislikes

The Contenders

11 Paper Airplane

This is so innocent! Thank you, that made me smile =) - Britgirl

So much fun to throw

12 Potato
13 Miniature Couch (For Obvious Reasons)
14 An Anvil
15 Poop

Good luck on still finding/keeping our job one day.

16 A Monkey

Don't know where you'd get one though!

17 Cheese
18 Pillow
19 Banana

Seriously though my mom did that once - 2storm

20 Pus Pockets
21 A cup of herbal tea with 2 sugars and a lid on

Sorry, but I just had to. - Rocko

22 A raw fish

So much for that nice suit of his...

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