Top Ten Things to Throw at Your Boss When They Walk Past

Throw caution to the wind... Or at your boss! Haha! Got any more?

The Top Ten Things to Throw at Your Boss When They Walk Past

1 Swivel Chair
2 Computer
3 Abuse

Expletives galore! Just make sure you've fixed yourself with another job first, you wally! - Britgirl

Hahaa! I love your lists! And I love you! How can anyone be so funny? - keyson

4 Yourself

If you're a performer of any sort, this is feasible. Otherwise you'll look like a complete moron. But it would be so worthy. - PositronWildhawk

Only if you know you'll benefit from it of course; otherwise what's the point? - Britgirl

Always best to do it yourself - jmepa123

Excellent List, Britgirl!
- Kiteretsunu

5 Desk
6 Stupid Random Words

See my list (if you want to) of Random Words To Shout At Your Boss When He walks Past for some hilarious choice words. - Britgirl

7 Used Toilet Paper

You know the piece that gets stuck to your shoe when you leave the lav? Use that! Haha! - Britgirl

8 Your Resignation

Yeah your boss just walks by and you throw a paper at him - CityGuru

9 His Favourite Tea Mug
10 The First Thing That Comes to Hand

Literally ANYTHING that you get your hands on first. The new employee even... ! - Britgirl

Probably headphones, knowing me.
And... I'll need them back, thanks.

The Contenders

11 Paper Airplane

This is so innocent! Thank you, that made me smile =) - Britgirl

So much fun to throw

12 Potato
13 Miniature Couch (For Obvious Reasons)
14 An Anvil
15 Poop

Good luck on still finding/keeping our job one day.

16 A Monkey

Don't know where you'd get one though!

17 Cheese
18 Pillow
19 Banana

Seriously though my mom did that once - 2storm

20 Pus Pockets
21 A cup of herbal tea with 2 sugars and a lid on

Sorry, but I just had to. - Rocko

22 A raw fish

So much for that nice suit of his...

23 A vat of melted chocolate

My sister always says that she wishes she could dump a whole vat of melted chocolate on the heads of people she dislikes

24 A net
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