Greatest Things We Can Do to Help Improve the World as We Know It

Now's your chance! If you (like me) are one of those very few people who are interesting in saving our battered planet, give as many suggestions as you can. I don't want to or think I will be, I KNOW I will be a person who shapes the entire future of mankind based upon my writing... and your suggestions would really help me out. You will be thanked in my debut novel proposed to be set up for completion on May 1, 2009 if you somehow contribute to this list on this site. Well, what are you waiting for?! Fire away!

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1 Love each other

It's a complicated world, the effort is difficult for everyone to love one another. - lapra

Talking bad about the USA saying we can't love one another, we're not the problem, you are, thinking that if the USA was gone the world would be a better place, what we need is love for the fellow man and we won't get it if you don't learn to get along

Charity begins with love.

What about using solar powered cars instead of using oil which we depend on the Middle East for. There's more look it up

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2 Eliminate grades from the school-system and rank the students based upon effort and general intelligence

I agree! People at my school has a gifted program for the kids who have all As and the average who gets good grades too, feel left out. And the kids below are feeling horrible that they have to be in the 2nd classes.

I don't think that dividing up the intelligent people from the not as intelligent would be a good idea because, in first grade you are probably smarter that you are in high school so if you are constantly changing ranks then how would you make friends and the people that arn't as intelligent would feel left out if another 12 year old is in high school rank

grading students is retarded which is why I don't mind I'm my kid gets a sorta bad grade.. but it can't be really bad I need to know he is smart

True. plus it will save everyone a lot of stress.

3 Get rid of bashers, haters and racists

Not getting rid of them, changing them. This is actually only part of the number one thing: loving each other.

Eliminate all trolls, wicked ugly living creatures who only bash, hate and discriminate other people. No more fights, quarrels, arguments, debates. - ronluna

the worst. we get rid of em and the world have peace - ronluna

Get rid of bashers, haters and racists of USA

4 When we destroy a tree to make homes, plant a new one somewhere else

Apple trees are nice, makes food and air.

I have been thinking the same thing for a while - Razor79

We should plant at least three

Food is good

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5 Limit families to 2 children

Well, when you think about it, if we're overpopulated, then we have greater demand. Greater to demand leads to more deprivation of earth's resources, which are the other main problems of the world. Deforestation, Disease, Pollution... They are all linked to the problem of simply not having enough to support everyone. I think that we should have a year of world adoption from countries like China, Africa, and India to ensure that all these suffering children recieve warm safe homes. Never forget... You want love... And every little child in this world needs and wants love. We would not only be helping the problem of overpopulation by having a world adoption year, but also spreading love to beautiful children who need it.

The population explosion is the root of much if not most of the Earth's current problems, including energy shortages, famine, habitat destruction, extinctions, massive pollution, the resurgence of racist nationalism, and the gradual loss of hope. If we cannot control births, then there is not a lot of hope for us to control the others.

All politicians are very wrong-THE OVERPOPULATION IS THE GREATEST PROBLEM ON OUR PLANET! And if we do nothing there can be a war!

Overpopulation should be stopped to ensure that there is plenty of space on Earth for our future gengerations to live on.

6 Eliminate the U.S.A.

You have mental issues bro I live in America I do hate some stuff but your risking lives bro

I absolutely agree, Go north korea

People, don't vote on this. It will only make it higher. - LordDovahkiin

Noo you should be locked up for this

7 Figure out how to get this list off TheTopTens

So true. Or planet may be battered but humans our flourishing. So get this list off. After u figure out how to do that, do it. But before that, vote here! - MadKiller

ExAcTly! Especially because u said to eliminate USA...


8 Spread the word about your ideas of contributing to the unpredicatable future of our world

Part of being human is hating each other... This idea seems more realistic. - Althemaster

That could make some difference - MatrixGuy

9 Make environmental service a requirement for high school graduation
10 Find out how to release enough carbon dioxide and elevate liveable temperatures to make life on Mars possible

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11 Eliminate Justin Beiber

Yea thanks u so much for saying this

Stop being so mean!

I mean it's not like I like his music or anything...

Just stop saying to kill people! how would u feel if someone said that about u?!?

YES - HufflepuffGeekGirl

I hate J.B. but he doesn't deserve to die

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12 Find a way to get rid of Liberals

Unless if you're in Australia, which I am, then they're are actually very nice.

they are the ruin of the Earth!!! - luvtoread

This is crazy

Yes. - LordDovahkiin

13 Get more people to express their religious views and why they are so
14 Post a law about equality

I wish. Children are not equal to adults at all. Take schools for example. They don't listen to the child. They listen to the teacher. - LordDovahkiin

there is no difference in a child, baby, old people, man, woman, high officials, celebrities, etc - ronluna

15 Allow more mentally ill people to be themselves
16 Eliminate Christianity

I think this is the most flipping ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am thirteen and am fighting for my religion. There is scientific proof about everything in the bible. EVERY SINGLE STORY. And I have faith in everyone had they can believe in the word and go to heaven.

Screw which ever little prick wrote this. Christianity brings the best out of people.

Hey dumbass what proof do you have he's not the son of god

This is ridiculous. No Christanity, no life

17 Discover new methods and ideas
18 Make volunteers for cops as common as volunteers for marines
19 Get rid of the French

That is so mean how would you like it if somebody said everybody from your country should die

Well this is racist. - LordDovahkiin

20 Find a way to pacify Muslims

Another ignorant comment. Muslims believe in peace, killing a person is highly frowned upon in their community. Its just the extremists that are the problem.

Exactly. I'm Christian but I consider ISIS to be "not real Muslims" because I know that Muslims condemn violence. - FrozenHatingPokefan

they just have an unbelievable amount
of irrational hatred for the jews
for no reason at all! - moose4life19

21 Eliminate the Jonas Brothers
22 Only require school for the people who want/need it

Don't let them stop the children of today from learning. It's just too unfair. Also stop bullying.

Education should be viewed as a tool to bring hope for a better world. When malcontents are permitted to dimish the opportunities for hard working students to find ways to make the world a better place for all we empower selfish scoundrels to rule our lives. We get what we deserve.

23 Eliminate hypocrites
24 Get rid of religion

You can't get them all to become a hundred percent friends. History has proved that's not possible. More atheistic countries are more peaceful. You can find similar DNA in to animals with the same ancestors. Evolution is proved and god hasn't been. It's pointless and causes more bad than good. Some more than others.

Religion overall is the one and only problem for the world, a mojaority of all wars started because of religion, hate on this planet towards people with different skin color or different sexuality only exists because of this stupid belief in god and that rules that have been layed on us by idiots who call themselves prophets.

Unfortunately this'll never happen and we'll never be a peaceful planet.

There is nothing wrong with religion. It's the atheists that we need to eliminate. - LordDovahkiin

25 Eliminate hatred and prejudice
26 Only allow hunting only when it is absolutely necessary

Thank you... Helpless animals like deer and other things are being killed. For what reason? This should be illegal everywhere unless there is a really large mass overpopulation some how... Also, get rid of animal abusers! They are sick in the head! The poor animals didn't do anything to deserve that!

And especially do not allow people to enjoy it when they eat any kind of meat. Eating meat should be for nutritional purposes only, and spices, flavorings, etc should not be allowed, to prevent anyone from liking it when they eat meat.

27 Eliminate all insulting words

esp with "youre dumb" etc comments - ronluna

No. - LordDovahkiin

28 Respect each other's beliefs
29 Put all different religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, etc into one and find a way which of them is really the truth
30 Increase the speed and quality of internet connections
31 Implement some laws of respect of music, language, etc
32 Eliminate shipwrecks and other accidents
33 Don't let terrorists use our bathrooms

We wont let evil piss on our bathroom!

34 Eliminate anything sexual before marriage

Sex has taken over society. All people care about anymore is their own self-pleasure. SOCIETY NEEDS TO WAKE UP!

35 Cancel My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

That would be a great idea because there will be NO MORE BRONIES IN THE FUTURE!

Cancelling this will only make things worse. I am warning you.

Do you think this will fucking improve the world? Read this scenario:

Two, the USA and Iran countries settled their differences because their soldiers watch this show. If this show gets cancelled or never aired in the first place, they will continue fighting and you are more likely to regret adding this to the list.

Improving the world by cancelling a T.V. Show? You are a heartless person who thinks the world became awful just because of this.

36 Be more practical
37 Eliminate all kinds of weapons with no exception

How would we defend ourselves when the aliens come?! Ok, that was a joke, but seriously. Weapons get us food, and defends us. - LordDovahkiin

38 Be realistic
39 Eliminate those unrealistic lists in Top Tens and in other polls
40 Allow other languages, countries to influence everybody

Don't allow only usa dominates the world - ronluna

41 Find a way to discover what's behind our past to be an inspiration
42 Stop suing anyone just to get more benefit
43 Stop claiming all videos in video streaming sites that promote the band

the more videos the better, they become more popular, exhibition is very different from copying a video to another one - ronluna

44 Popularize those unknown great artists in the world

esp in asia, west in not the only one with best artists - ronluna

45 Demolish ignorance and no-to-new-great-artists mentality
46 Gather all troublemakers, terrorists, rebel who only harm people and throw them into a hot volcano

What if you're a school bully? Does that count? - LordDovahkiin

47 Eliminate blackouts during a storm
48 Stop making fun of all the languages that you don't understand

don't make fun of people who don't understand english and speaks their own language - ronluna

49 Promote personal and social freedom and while being more optimistic.

Optimism isn't always good. Too much of it will get you killed. Ever heard the saying "prepare for the worst, and it won't come? " Or something like that. But here's the thing: Karma exists. Being too optimistic will cause the worst to happen. - LordDovahkiin

50 Pray to the smallest good for help
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