Greatest Things We Can Do To Help Improve The World As We Know It

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21 Eliminate the Jonas Brothers
22 Only allow school for the people who want/need it.

Don't let them stop the children of today from learning. It's just too unfair. Also stop bullying.

Education should be viewed as a tool to bring hope for a better world. When malcontents are permitted to dimish the opportunities for hard working students to find ways to make the world a better place for all we empower selfish scoundrels to rule our lives. We get what we deserve.

23 Eliminate Hypocrites

The world will naturally get worse over time, and there is nothing you can do about it. Give it up, you can never win in this. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

24 Get rid of religion altogether.

You can't get them all to become a hundred percent friends. History has proved that's not possible. More atheistic countries are more peaceful. You can find similar DNA in to animals with the same ancestors. Evolution is proved and god hasn't been. It's pointless and causes more bad than good. Some more than others.

Religion overall is the one and only problem for the world, a mojaority of all wars started because of religion, hate on this planet towards people with different skin color or different sexuality only exists because of this stupid belief in god and that rules that have been layed on us by idiots who call themselves prophets.

Unfortunately this'll never happen and we'll never be a peaceful planet.

There is nothing wrong with religion. It's the atheists that we need to eliminate. - LordDovahkiin

25 Eliminate hatred and prejudice
26 Only allow hunting when it is absolutely necessary, and prevent from being a sport any longer.

Thank you... Helpless animals like deer and other things are being killed. For what reason? This should be illegal everywhere unless there is a really large mass overpopulation some how... Also, get rid of animal abusers! They are sick in the head! The poor animals didn't do anything to deserve that!

And especially do not allow people to enjoy it when they eat any kind of meat. Eating meat should be for nutritional purposes only, and spices, flavorings, etc should not be allowed, to prevent anyone from liking it when they eat meat.

27 Well, that's enough! You should stop adding new items and read the first 20 here! Then put them into practice!
28 Eliminate all insulting words

esp with "youre dumb" etc comments - ronluna

No. - LordDovahkiin

29 Respect each other's beliefs
30 Find a way to put all different religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, etc into one and find a way which of them is really the truth
31 Find a way to increase the speed and quality of internet connections
32 Find a way to implement some laws of respect of music, language, etc
33 Find a way to eliminate shipwrecks and other accidents
34 Don't let terrorists use our bathrooms

We wont let evil piss on our bathroom!

35 Eliminate anything sexual before marriage

Sex has taken over society. All people care about anymore is their own self-pleasure. SOCIETY NEEDS TO WAKE UP!

36 Cancel My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

That would be a great idea because there will be NO MORE BRONIES IN THE FUTURE!

Cancelling this will only make things worse. I am warning you.

Do you think this will fucking improve the world? Read this scenario:

Two, the USA and Iran countries settled their differences because their soldiers watch this show. If this show gets cancelled or never aired in the first place, they will continue fighting and you are more likely to regret adding this to the list.

Improving the world by cancelling a T.V. Show? You are a heartless person who thinks the world became awful just because of this.

37 More practical, less conservative ways of doing things
38 Eliminate all kinds of weapons with no exception

How would we defend ourselves when the aliens come?! Ok, that was a joke, but seriously. Weapons get us food, and defends us. - LordDovahkiin

39 Stop the war and arguements which is the best, etc among countries

Everyone is equal. I believe war should be stopped. Why do we even have wars? To gain power by killing innocent people. The people that were killed had lifes and all they wanted to do is protect. The military is protectors in my opinion. The only time we should ever have war is when life that is beyond our world comes and attacks us. Which I highly doubt that will happen. But instead we have war because each side do not agree with each other or because they didn't get there way. And I thought when you get older you will become more mature. NOT. There should be no leader or president because when someone has a lot of power they abuse it. Yes I do believe there needs to be laws. Maybe the only way to stop war is if there was only one leader. But then again the person will most likely abuse the power.

40 Be realistic
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