Top Ten Things To Put Ketchup On


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21 Noodles V 1 Comment
22 Meat Pie

It is a crime to eat one without it.

23 Plain Bread

It taste better than it sounds

Makes it much tastier

24 Chicken Patties

If it's good on chicken nuggets and it's good on a burger why wouldn't it be amazing on a CHICKEN BURGER?!?!?!?

25 Bacon

Bacon and ketchup just tastes so dreamy

Bacon is God with ketchup :3

26 Bologna Sandwich

It tastes like heaven and especially if there's melted cheese it just melts in your mouth like woah! It's like heaven in a sandwich! Best invention ever made!

Ketchup on a bologna sandwich tastes so good. now I will not eat a bologna sandwich if it does not have ketchup on it! SO YUUMMYYY

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27 Chips
28 Sausage Dogs

They don't taste quite right without it. - Britgirl

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29 Scrambled Eggs

This has been my favorite forever! I am half Japanese and my mom makes a dish called Omu-rice that is basically fried rice with ketchup added to it, rolled up in a flat scrambled egg like an omelette. Then you put ketchup on top and it is the BEST! Now I always put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.

Been doing it since I was a kid. Only reason.

I just love scrambled eggs with ketchup

30 Pastry
31 Mashed Potatoes
32 Cheese Hashbrowns
33 Carrots Carrots
34 Popcorn V 1 Comment
35 Corn
36 Pierogi
37 Cottage Cheese

I seriously do eat ketchup on my cottage cheese. Now, I can't imagine cottage cheese without it. It is delicious!

38 Potato Pancakes

The best potatoes to use are left over ones. This makes an awesome breakfast! Katchup is great to serve as a dip for it.

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39 Chocolate

Who would eat chocolate with ketchup? Terrible!

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40 Omurice

I don't know if you know what it is, it's basically rice in an omelette and it's delicious. But it's the one thing I simply cannot have without ketchup!

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