Top Ten Things Tomboys Can Relate To

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1 "Pink is an ugly color"

Yeah, pink is so "ugly" pink will never be good as the color black I am a tomboy I do roblox I am born on 2006 so yay! Yup roblox and I 2006! I hate glitter pink glitter is the most gross and its for grilly grills they only care for the color pink and they are bratty and want to be hot and play tea parties they are the worst be a tomboy I hang out with boys and burp and fart at lunch at school. I watch shows like h20 mermaids its for tomboys. I hate sports but ice skating but even if I am good at other sports I have youtube and grilly grills don't like youtube I like LPS yep its not grilly its for tomboys but the LPS eyes are so creppy and look grilly. I like toads and they pee on me I don't care

I am an tomboy and I am not girly. today me and my friend were talking to each other about things and she said I was copying her the way she acts, But I did not! Then I told her sweetly whats diffrent form you, and then she took me personattily! she said she was more a tomboy than me. what do you mean she is sassy all the time and says girls are better he likes girls more than boys she is a girly girl she always brings toys to school, she is in middle school now! ( she is a babyish kitty kat fan She SAYS she is a dog fan but what do you mean she hates dogs are the last time she always chat about cats the most girly animals ever) ponies and cats are girly animals. I hate cats ( most cats) but I like dressing like a cat at school, by the way my friend is sassy so I sat by kids that I like that are tombyish and in the middle. and she always talks about kawaii and she took my spot, I am trillon times a kawaii fan than she is but she always talks about and she lies to other kids that she ...more

Like, why did the Lord create a color like that?
It just makes me frustrated every time

Yep, I hate the color pink, it is not my type of color. I prefer black, green, blue, and red.

2 Knowing nothing about makeup

Did you know that I can't even put makeup on properly, its dyspraxia I would look like a clown haha. But I need to use lip balm for dry lips - dry skin. I have one that has sun protection in it.

Make up sucks! I hate it, and I never want to wear it.

It's a waste of time and money

Yep! Make up sucks

3 Preferring jeans over skirts and dresses

GOD YES. My mom still doesn't understand I HATE dresses and skirts! She gets frustrated when I say I don't like them. It's SO annoying!

I hate dresses, I only wear them if I am forced to. I never wear skirts, jeans and shorts(long) are more comfortable with me. The worst part is that my mom wants me to carry a hand bag, I don't like them.

I have to wear skirt suits for dog shows. It's terrible and I have to wear panty hoes.

I don't like wearing those long gowns, I prefer jeans only!

4 Never wearing makeup unless forced to

My mom barely makes me wear make up, but my mom makes me wear girly things sometimes, so yeah.

5 Preferring sneakers over heels

I can relate so much to this list, I don't like high heels, I tried walking on them and I failed badly, how do girls even wear these? I prefer sneakers, plus, they are more comfortable and cool.

I'm athletic so if I wear these heels, I can't run!

This one is 100% true for me. Heels aren’t even comfortable.

6 Thinking jeans and a T-shirt is better than girly clothes

Same bruh, a regular shirt and jeans or long shorts are better than girly stuff.

I agree. I wear summer dresses on the occasional summer days where it’s really hot, but other than that, it’s pretty much wear jeans and a t-shirt.

7 "Girly clothes are uncomfortable"

So true. I would so much rather just wear my Nike sneakers, some ripped jeans, and an oversized sweatshirt. Heels and skirts DO NOT work for me.

8 "I look ugly with makeup on"
9 A lot of your friends are boys

I hang out with everyone, boys and girls, I don't really care much about gender, just as long as they are awesome people.

I only have two friends that are girls and five dude friends. I am a tomboy

I don’t have that many friends, but almost all of the ones I do have are guys.

98% of my friends are boys and we usually play fortnite and play video games and play basketball

10 Wanting to be a boy

Sometimes I wish I was a dude instead of a girl, that way I can be boyish and I don't have to deal with stupid things that suck about being a girl.

I wish I was a boy, so I don't have to cook, clean, wear lip gloss, fuss around with my hair and do ballet.

So I don't have to cook, clean, and being forced to be "girly"

I don't think so because tomboys aren't lesbians

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11 "Boy clothes are cool"

Yeah, I do think they are cool, but my parents are not going to like it though.

12 Tomboy celebrities

I am actually more into male rock singers, but tomboy celebrities would be cool, but most of them are girly.

13 Being forced to wear a dress

I really want to wear suits to formal events but my parents constantly forces me to wear dresses

Some moms in a nutshell

14 Ponytails are for sissies

What! Ponytails are basically the go-to tomboy hairstyle! I wear them all the time and is a tomboy!

15 Most women are hard to relate to
16 When your mom wants you to wear makeup and look like a Barbie
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