Top 10 Things TopTenners Do When Trying to Seek Attention

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1 Claim they are the best

I'm the best! I'm the best! I'm the best! Give me your undivided attention because I'm the best! While you're at it follow me and like my comment! Also add me to user-ranking lists!

Now isn't that annoying?

No one can be the best, I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst. I don't care if I get more popular than Positron Wildhawk or get kicked in the dirt and forgotten in the sands of time. I'll still be the same old me

This will surely get you attention, but not the kind you want.


2 Make fun of other users

*cough *cough* SpongeBobsuxx,by the way can someone get me some Medicane from the pharmacy

3 Fake retire

How do you even "retire" for real? Just stop using your account?

4 Create a hoax story
5 Call themselves overrated

Really? I would've said that people who want attention call themselves underrated!

What Songsta said

Haven't done this, and probably won't

6 Say things that will make people angry

Like Oi love you mum

7 Claim somebody hacked their account

The word "claim" is a huge accusation and assumption that a particular member is lying purely to seek attention. I myself haven't had my account hacked (no one would ever guess my password) but some members do genuinely have their accounts hacked and they turn to other members because it's distressing. I can't imagine any member doing this Just for attention. It would be pretty warped if they did...

That's a very easy way to get sympathy and attention on the site.


8 Make a list solely for the purpose of stirring up controversy
9 Make a list why he/she's a bad user

These are the ABSOLUTE WORST. It basically asks for sympathy. How pathetic. Just do your best to improve yourself!

Dunno about this one. I've stated that I don't think I'm great on two lists, but I don't make a list of reasons why.

10 Make unoriginal lists

Or making a crowd of lists without caring about the quality just to see themselves at the newest lists page all the time.

I'm gonna take a break from making lists for a while. I felt weird making more than one list in a row.

I've seen Animal jam rares, and animal jam items.

I used to do unoriginal comparison lists.

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11 Add their name to every user ranking list

Did this once on the list of best TopTenners. Not out of arrogance or pride; I was just curious how I'd fare

12 Hate good things

People do this a lot, but there's one particular member who demonised people for standing up to it. The site still bears the scars for long after he stopped.

This item makes no sense. Everyone has a different opinion of what can be "good", so it makes no sense. And if there is a list of what is "good", then show it to me right now. This item is somewhat narcissistic.

Whe I make a list about why this or that game is bad, I did it for fun. I don't know why people are taking my Mario Galaxy list so seriously. I was only joking. But in my honest opinion, Super Mario Galaxy is enjoyable but it doesn't interest me.

The problem with this item is how the word "good" doesn't have a fixed definition.

13 Say they are somebody their not

Hi,I'm Bernie sanders,cereal now costs more then chairs

14 Make comments and remixes

I post tons of comments but I don't do it to try to get attention. I just do it for the enjoyment of it!

They do this in the hopes that someone will see their profile underneath the comment and click on it so they can get someone else on their profile page.

I make more than 15 remixes a day and and I post a lot of comments but not for attention.

I post comments to be funny and because I want to

15 Obsess over the stats

I do this on the "Most Comments". I'm guilty of that.


16 Beg for followers

WILL SOMEONE PLEASE FOLLOW ME? I'll follow you back. Please? I'll vote on your lists! Now isn't that annoying? Oh yeah like my comment!

The "follow me, follow back" policy of certain users is a nonsense way of getting followers. It defeats the purpose of following which is to be notified of the activity of users you like and admire.

I'd rather get followers by my hard work than gain sympathy by other users.

There are even cases where people might put this as their username

17 Call themselves underrated

I used to think of saying this, but I never made a comment about it.

18 Add "Justin Bieber" to every list

I didn't seek attention for doing that! But I got some bragging rights!

Seriously. This joke never was funny in the first place. Am I right?

19 Obsess wildly over their favorite characters

Or their favorite anything, for that matter.

And there is a user who obsesses over a pornstar!

For me, it's Cilan, for you, XM98, it's Rocko's Modern Life.

I may be guilty of this to a degree. But not to gain popularity.

20 Contribute to music category

I have at least three lists in the music category.

21 Ask people to vote on their lists

I don't really see anything bad with promoting your own content if you do it properly.

The same happens in the case of posts too.

All the time. Ugh. I'm tired of this

I hate this.

22 Be a good user

But this is actually a good way.

I think some people do the latter and try to be bad users, sometimes, for infamy. I think that's a little counterproductive, and am more of a goody-two-shoes anyway.

23 Announce a "retirement"

Again: How the heck do you do this in the first place? Not that I plan on retiring, but because I'm SO confused.

Trust me, I tried this once. Didn't do anything!

24 Call themselves stupid

I really am stupid, I'll admit that. I just don't like it when Rainbow Dash fans call me it.

Then treat them like they're stupid. No need to personally attack them, though.

I just call myself stupid as a joke.

But I really AM! Ask my alter ego, he knows!

25 Leave for 5 months then come back and tell everyone you're back

I left for 3 days because I was on vacation.

Sounds pretty familar

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