Top Ten Things TopTenners Should Stop Doing


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1 List of TopTenner's You Don't Like On Your Home Page

Sometimes the reasons are self-explanatory. But if not, then you'd rather put the reasons about that. Remember, constructive criticism, as always. It's not always "mean" to do this.

This is just mean! Do you have to point it out to EVERYONE who can see your profile that you don't like someone?! Seriously, have some compaction for others. - dipperpinesfangirl618

I don't think the term "compaction" fits in with your statement. But, yeah. It's futile to be pointing fingers at members. Great, you don't like someone. - Sxerks

I'll never put that stuff on my profile, it ain't nobody's business about who I like and who don't like.

Ain't removing it. You must be fun at parties. - Puga

2 Trolling

Seriously people! Why won't this trend die already?! We get it! He sounds like a little girl! You won! You got the entire internet to agree with you! Now stop! For real! I hate going on a random list and then suddenly find some 30 year old man ranting on and on about how he hates Justin! Talk about something else for once! Please! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Does trolling trolls count? - SamuiNeko

There are different types and styles of trolling. Which type are you talking about?

The trolling NEEDS to stop! Its very redundant and annoying. - The_Violist

3 Guys With Pictures of Girls As Profile Pics

While girls putting guys as their profile pics doesn't mean she's as slut. Seriously, this is what we call gender inequality, as I don't wanna say the word "sexism towards males".

Exactly! Thank you for actually using common sense, unlike many other people! - Alpha101

I know who does that.

The joint account comment was me, thought I was in my regular account. - Therandom

Uh... Creepy. Unless your WITH the girl, just do something else. It makes you look like your a pedophile or into porn. - dipperpinesfangirl618

If a girl had a profile picture of a guy, you wouldn't even say that they are pedophiles or into porn.

4 Text People That They Think Their List is Dumb

I will say my opinions on this list. oh wait, I forgot! according to you, I am not allowed them! sorry! just to put this in a way an over offended person will understand "i am not sure your list was very accurate". - gemcloben

Well apparently, the creator of this list did this exact thing to one of my lists. While I'm fine with doing this, it basically means that this item shouldn't even be on the list,

It's fine, you just need proper justifications.

Well, if you give an actual reason and you aren't rude about it, this should be fine. - Garythesnail

5 Grammar Police

However, if you just use some clipped words and intentionally have bad grammar and spelling without apologizing, expect that you won't get taken seriously. You'll look like a troll instead.

It is not possible on this site. They will just correct it for you - Mewtwo_

To a certain extent it's ok but don't go overboard with it. - AGK

*Grammar Nazi,
Besides, most people here have pretty good grammar and spelling, so I have nothing to do. - Merilille

6 Add Justin Bieber to Lists When It Makes No Sense

In so many lists I see, there is very annoyingly and commonly a negative statement about Justin Bieber. I mean sure, you may hate him or whatever, but this joke is overused! - iiKyodaiKickz

Some types of community humor aren't for everyone; others do understand and "get" the context - it's no longer anything about the subject in particular but it's become an inside, cultural joke or expression. Relax - Billyv

If I see people complain about this one more time... - Puga

There's a point. People just can't realize that his existence on the list is completely justified.

It always made sense. What are you talking about?

I found him on "worst things that can happen to you in school". - coolguy101

7 Making Ways to Kill List

These lists aren't funny. They're just immature and childish. - TheFourthWorld

These list are not awesome, just immature and (because there are so very many) repetitive.

That isn't funny, some this type lists are offensive. - 05yusuf09

Your mom is offensive? Your total failure to burn people is offensive!

8 Try to Start an Argument On Purpose

It depends on the purpose. If the argument gives little to no value on the subject of tthoughtful discussions, then arguments are fine. After all, arguments and opinions go hand in hand to give a deeper insight on a topic if done properly.

There was this one guy I would talk to at night. I mean, I kind of liked him in a way. (Like a friend) But he kept starting arguments with me. And I don't mean we went into disagreements often. He once told me straight up that you likes starting argument's with me because that's what makes it "Interesting." So I stopped talking to him. - dipperpinesfangirl618

More like you can't take arguments and conflicting opinions. I'm not trolling you, but arguments aren't that bad if it promotes thoughtful discussion about a certain topic. I know you're talking about me.

You mean disagree with an opinion? - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Arguments aren't that bad - Nateawesomeness

9 Vote for Something Because Someone You Like Did

I feel like some people do that when Britgirl does. I mean, don't get me wrong. I really like her. She's super nice and fun. But I wish people would vote for something, not because someone else did. - dipperpinesfangirl618

More like you don't have your own opinion and jumping into the bandwagon. This is the worst.

It's like peer pressure, & it's a dumb reason to vote. Vote for a choice because YOU agree with it. - Luxam

Ugh,bandwagons... - SamuiNeko

10 Acting Like No One Should "Tarnish" Your List

One it's submitted it becomes part of the site; its public and any can add whatever and comment and remix. You give up ownership. That's how the site exists, part of the intent and nature
If you want to keep something controlled and as a statement of your personal views, then you make a blog post or put it on your profile - Billyv

The Contenders

11 Call Someone Stupid Because They Like a Show

On the "Best T.V. Shows" list, someone called Pokemon anime fans "idiots" JUST because they like a show they didn't like. Why?

Really calling someone stupid for their opinion is annoying no matter what it is about. - Yoshilord

If you like it for stupid reasons, it is acceptable to call you stupid.

It's mostly idiot visitors that do this - bobbythebrony

12 Making Lists to Try to Dictate How Others Should Act

How ironic. - Ashes

This list is an example of such a list.

Though this item is true. - cosmo

I can't be the only person who hates this... - Garythesnail

13 Making Dumb Lists

This is also a dumb list. Kek?

14 Name Calling
15 Saying Random Things When Texting Someone

You have no Idea how many times I've talked to someone and all they text back is "Derp". IT'S NOT THAT FUNNY PEOPLE! - dipperpinesfangirl618

Doing this makes you annoying & a bad friend. - Luxam

Aw come onnn,I do this - Nateawesomeness

16 Not Following Certain Users Back

That one don't bother me one bit. I can follow the people for quality of the content, not the quantity of course. I do whenever I want to follow it. - yamionthetrap

Why? Just...why? I can follow whoever the hell I want to, kek?

Following users back purely based on the fact that they follow you is a sin within itself. It's how ********** and ***** got popular. - Puga

Well, to be honest it isn't my fault I have so many followers. I can't control how many people follow me. And how is that a sin anyway? - cosmo

Why the hell does this matter?

17 Calling Stuff Cancer

Cancer is a disease, it wasn't supposed to be a way for haters to describe anything popular. - allamassal

I'm Very Sensitive To These Because My Grandfather Died Of Liver Cancer On New Years 2017 - JPK


18 Making Lists That Proclaim Things "Everyone" or "We All" Love

One does not simply make assumptions that what majority of the people like is representative of what everyone in the world likes.

I absolutely hate this.

19 Call Bronies "Lifeless People"

I know what haters do!

That's why I'm a bit scared of this website.
But I still like it a lot

20 Making Lists Telling TopTenners What TopTenners Should Stop Doing

Oh the irony - Randomator

21 Making Perverted Lists
22 Say You Like Something So Someone Will Like You
23 Making Biased Lists

Oh, the irony... This list is an example of such a list, too.

...? It is impossible to have an unbiased opinion... - Yoshilord

24 Sending Emojis to People You've Never Messaged with and Then Refusing to Explain, Discuss or Accept a Different Point of View

People do that?

25 Hating

Hating is not an opinion
It's cyber bullying

Hating is an opinion. Deal with it.

26 Being Hypersensitive Crybabies
27 Being Mean
28 Putting Hitler at the Top of the Worst People Lists

Zedong is the worst. Hitler is 2nd to worst.

Well, he deserved it. Imagine if Germany won the war? - Userguy44

29 Liking Eminem

Piece of trash. - 445956

People can like my favorite rapper. I like my own favorite rapper.

30 Hating Serena

Can you please shut up? We get it, just...stop.

31 Replying to Comments

What's wrong with replying to comments? - Misfire

32 Bully People Because They Are Different
33 Copying Puga
34 Putting TheTopTens on Lists of Disliked, or Wanted Banned Items
35 Making "Why This is Inaccurate" Lists

Inaccurate lists are on the same plane of existence as mermaids, unicorns, and ghosts. Lists are about opinions, and just because one doesn't match up with yours doesn't make it "inaccurate".

36 Bandwagoning
37 Saying things they hate are rip-offs of other stuff
38 Making Lists About Peoples Names Between Certain Letters
39 Making “Best User of the Month Lists” and then putting your friends on the list instead of the best users of the month
40 Become an Anti Rustler

Get this to number 1 - Owl

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