Top 10 Best Things In Transformice

Transformice is one of my favorite online games. You should try playing it yourself. I also feel that this site needs more TFM lists in it.

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1 Enjoyable MMO Game In General

The simple goal is to get the cheese and bring it to the mousehole. There are several maps with their own obstacles to make this a fun challenge. You can get help from the shaman or do it yourself. You can play with your friends, on different parts of the game, plus there's events that you can participate in. - Luxam

2 Survivor

This mod would be more enjoyable if it wasn't for the mass teamers.

In Survivor, The Shaman uses cannons to knock mice off the map and mice have to survive till the end of the round. It is fun because of the challenging gameplay and when you survive a round, you will find it enjoyable.

In Survivor, the shaman attacks the players in attempt to knock them off the play. It's harder than it looks. It's fun in general, but the best part is getting to be the shaman! - Luxam

Very few people know about the competitive side of Survivor, that mostly people who play more than just ''public'' rooms participate in, and by that I mean in 1v1s, 2v2s and 3v3s. There is just so much more to Survivor then what people who don't know about this think

3 Bootcamp

Bootcamp is super difficult, but it is a lot of fun if you're experienced enough. It consists of maps with challenging obstacles you must clear yourself without help from a shaman. It is much harder than a normal map would be. - Luxam

4 Maps

TFM has several maps. The ones you play in are created by the game's admins & its players. You can even create your own maps for others to play! Each map is unique, with different difficulties & obstacles in it. New maps are validated & added every day. - Luxam

5 Racing

Racing is basically a training area for Bootcamp. At least, that's how I view it. Its difficulty is between that of vanilla maps & bootcamp maps. The time in a map lasts half as long as a regular map, so you have to be quick to get the cheese. A new race begins every 5 turns. If you win, you can earn places in podiums, awards, & badges! - Luxam

6 Shop

This is where you get your mouse's accessories! You can buy clothes, head gear, decorations, even furs, which will change your mouse's default look. The more cheese you get, the more you can buy. You can customize some accessories you buy to give them the color(s) of your liking. Events provide temporary, new, & rare items you can buy. - Luxam

7 Being Shaman


When you're the shaman, you're the one in charge! You are responsible for getting the other players to the cheese. You can build with different items in your inventory to help those mice. There are 3 shaman modes: normal, hard, & divine. If you save enough mice while in certain modes, you can unlock new abilities, items, & power. A divine mode shaman can even glide or fly. - Luxam

8 Tribes

Being part of a tribe means being in your own special group. You can also create your own tribe. The tribe leader is in charge of making the tribe name, adding other players, & opening/closing tribe member requests. You can gather with your tribe to play with. You also have your own tribe house that you can play in & export your own maps for. - Luxam

9 Soulmates

A soulmate is your personal companion in the game! You can play, train, & participate in events in, just them & you. Now why is this so low? There are many downsides to this as well. Soulmates tend to break up with you very fast, be afk or inactive often, & there are soulmate strings, which aren't a very fun part of the game, especially if your soulmate is a noob or they're not on. - Luxam

10 Music Rooms

In music rooms, you can add your own music that you have while playing, instead of having the default music to play to. - Luxam

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11 Cafe

Fun place to hang out and socialize. - galaco

12 Utility Room

There are a lot of commands

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