Top 10 Things Trump Supporters Should Know About Trump


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1 He Makes His Apparel Outside the United States

Yeah, it's business smart to do so, that doesn't mean he likes it. If anything, it further proves trumps claim that the US is not company friendly, and that's why they ship our jobs overseas. - Jackamalio

He calls for American corporations to get back in the U.S. but are you seeing " his " oversea businesses come back in the U.S.?

Trump, a multi-bulinaire, makes his apperal in slave countries outside the U.S. because American wages are "too high." - seafowlomicron

2 He Enjoyed the Great Recession

Back in 2008, Trump benifited from the Great Resession and bragged about it - seafowlomicron

3 He Created a Scam Called "Trump University"

Although not nearly as many people went to Trump University as went to Laureate International University, which paid Bill Clinton over $16,000,000 to be Chancellor/Pimp for a total scam that targeted and preyed on poor people in multiple countries.

Except it's called the "Trump Entrepreneur Initiative" because by New York law only real universities can be called a "university." Whatever you call it, almost everyone who went there thought is was a fraud and did not benifit from it. - seafowlomicron

4 Trump Admitted He Enjoyed Reading Federal Foreclosure Listings for Fun
5 He Has Ties to Organized Crime

As opposed to Hillary Clinton, who "is" organized crime.

6 Trump Lies Four Times More Than the Average Politician

Trump won't do many of the things that he promise. Hillary won't either. - Martinglez

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7 He Was Sued by the Justice Department for Racial Discrimination Against Blacks

Really? Because trump actively fought for Jews and Blacks to be included in a prestigious country club he was part of. - Jackamalio

Only because he was working with his dad. Donald didn't discriminate, only his dad did(I'll admit, while Donald isn't racist, his dad is). - Therandom

8 He Hired a Self-Admitted White Supremacist to Be His Campaign Manager

My favorite is Mike's essay on why Mulan is a dangerous movie. - keycha1n

9 He Has Been Praised by Vladimir Putin

How is this a bad thing? Trump and Putin uniting forces would be unstoppable against ISIS. - Jackamalio

10 He Has Not Been Endorsed by Any Former President, Not Even Republicans

This can only be a plus.

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