Top Ten Things Trump Will Do as President


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1 Make America Great Again

I liked this a lot when it was Bill Clinton's campaign slogan in 1992, and I loved it when Trump used it in 2016.

Reagan used it too and he was the best president ever - 2storm

If Bill Clinton said that, then he is a racist too.

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2 Destroy ISIS

I like it, I completely agree. We'll completely crush them. - joeypalzz

ISIS is kinda acting dead lately though

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3 Upgrade Immigration Laws
4 Strengthen the Military

Yeah, since Obama castrated it and fired all of our best generals.

5 Stop Global Warming

Looks like another special snowflake got triggered, and headed for a safe space while exposing themselves to be the real racist.

Bro, he doesn't even believe in it. - AnonymousChick

And that's a good thing because global warming is the biggest load of crap.

No, I'm just a 24 year old, broke college girl who isn't brainwashed into believing everything I'm taught in school. Way to be mature and attack me personally. Also, there are around 30,000 scientists who also believe global warming is a fraud, including the founder of the weather channel.

"Bro, he doesn't even believe in it." Which makes him a sane and intelligent man. Probably doesn't believe in the Tooth Fairy, either.

6 Strengthen America to be Splendid Country
7 Stop Terrorism
8 Team Up with Russia

They have one of the strongest military forces. - Hey1tsme

9 Destroy Zionism
10 Destroy Globalism

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11 Get Rid of Hillary

Hillary should've been behind bars a long time ago, and she should've been arrested to this day. - EpicJake

Go arrest her! I don't care about Clinton anymore - Neonco31

Why isn't she arrested now? - TwilightKitsune

LOCK HER UP! - Hey1tsme

12 Upgrade the Infrastructure
13 Get Rid of Idiotic Liberals

Aw, come on. What else is there to laugh at?

14 Build a Wall


15 Start World War III
16 Destroy the Country

Think it's in fine shape now, do ya?

17 Rebuild the Economy
18 Destroy the Universe

I think people are overreacting now - Hey1tsme

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19 Destroy Islam Once and for All

Trump does not want to destroy Islam at all, he wants to destroy "Radical Islamic Terrorism", which is a different thing altogether.

20 Not Take a Presidential Salary.

He is required by law to take $1 per year, but he can decline the remainder.

He's turning down $400,000 a year.

21 Get Rid of Net Neutrality
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