Top 10 Things that Undertale Has Way Too Much Of


The Top Ten

1 Easiness
2 Shortness

Finish the game in 1/4(6 hours)of a day isn't hard to do.

3 Alternate Universes

There are so many useless and ugly ones! My favorite is Help_Tale. We see the characters BURN.

4 Rule 34 artworks
5 Forced memes
6 Fanfictions
7 Leitmotif Usage
8 Little kids in its fanbase
9 Unrelenting idolization of Sans and Papyrus when Alphys and Undyne are clearly far superior characters in almost every single way possible

Sans and Papaya doesn't have so much development, and yet they are basically the SYMBOL of Undertale!

Yes, please.

10 Puns

The Contenders

11 Dogs
12 Songs in its soundtrack
13 Joke bosses
14 Fanfiction Fuel
15 Barefoot characters
16 Development Laziness
17 Easter Eggs
18 Dialogue with no actual purpose in advancing or further detailing the storyline
19 Scripted fights
20 Unskippable Cutscenes
21 In-game sexualization of Mettaton
22 Weird and often quite unsettling facial expressions
23 The infamous "fire, water and ice areas/levels" trope
24 Moral pretentiousness, especially in the Genocide Run
25 Sudden difficulty spikes
26 Save points
27 In-game character shipping
28 Plot twists
29 Frisk gender wars on Tumblr
30 Skeleton Porn
31 Incest shippings
32 Toriel Porn
33 Fetish Art
34 Interspecies romance
35 Posts on its subreddit
36 Let's Plays
37 People whining extensively over Let's Plays not being the perfect Pacifist runs that they're used to watching everyone else do for the game
38 Puzzles that require little to no actual thinking whatsoever
39 Brain fetishism
40 Skeleton vore and inflation
41 Photoshop Meme Art
42 Parody Videos
43 People stupid enough to actually believe that Sans is Ness
44 Fan theories
45 Taking amazingly charming and brilliantly written characters and making them serve disproportionately small roles (for example, Alphys with the phone calls in Hotland)
46 Mood whiplash
47 Ridiculously cute characters
48 Tropes
49 Characters
50 Visual Gags
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