Top 10 Things Undertale is Known for that Were Already Done Before by Other Games

The Top Ten Things Undertale is Known for that Were Already Done Before by Other Games

1 The overall gameplay and storytelling structure of the game in general - Earthbound

All in all undertale is really overrated.

2 The faux-retro art style - At least half of every indie game ever made at this point
3 The clichéd, overrated, entirely one-dimensional morality system - Infamous and Fallout, just to name a few
4 Omega Flowey invasively, disturbingly breaking the fourth wall during his boss battle to add to its immersion factor - Metal Gear Solid
5 Chara being an edgy recolor of Frisk that represents her "evil" side - Countless other games
6 Allowing the player to dodge enemies' attacks - Mario & Luigi, Shin Megami Tensei
7 Starring a fat weeaboo lizard as one of the main villains - Super Paper Mario

So true.

8 Alphys being an adorably shy, neurotic, dorky, yellow and sweet girl that can also be incredibly badass when provoked and is girlfriends with a ridiculously strong, blue-skinned, freakishly skinny, tank-topped tomboy - Um Jammer Lammy
9 A pair of fat and skinny brothers, one of them extremely stereotypically Italian, serving as the main mascots of the game - Super Mario Bros.
10 The overall character design of the Dreemurr family - Cave Story

The Contenders

11 Having a badass soundtrack - Most other well-known RPGs
12 The first-person battle perspective - Earthbound and Dragon Quest
13 Being a living, breathing meme machine - Super Smash Bros and Team Fortress 2
14 Being the saddest RPG ever - Mother 3
15 Having the worst fanbase ever - FNAF, Sonic and Minecraft
16 Surprise eldritch abominations as final bosses - Kirby and Earthbound
17 Having Megalovania as its final boss theme - Radiation's Halloween Hack
18 The old "final boss with creepy glowing eye" routine - Cave Story
19 Allowing players to negotiate their way through battles - Shin Megami Tensei
20 Generic fire, water and ice levels - Countless other games
21 Silent protagonist - Countless other games
22 Making women badass - Metroid, Tomb Raider, Um Jammer Lammy, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, et cetera
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