Top 10 Things United States Does Better Than Japan

The Top Ten Things United States Does Better Than Japan

1 Movies/TV Shows

I say USA has better Video Games than Japan!

Live action movies: yes. Animated movies: no.

2 Food

Hmm I heard sushi tastes like rubber I know I know its NOT just fish.
But I like noodles and rice.
I wonder what the teacakes are like that Brock called Doughnuts ha.
I used to eat those chocolate sticks that where low in calories.

3 Music
4 Jeans
5 International Shipping Services
6 Military Training
7 Literature
8 Politics
9 Hygiene
10 Public Holidays

The Contenders

11 Carry Debt
12 Laws

In Japan, modding your console will send you to jail. I don't remember the United States having a law that ridiculous.

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