Top Ten Things In Videogames We Wish We Had In Real Life.


The Top Ten

1 Restart from Last Checkpoint

Starting over whenever you wanted would be SO great. - Cheese567

2 Infinite Lives
3 Achievements

"I do"
Achievement earned: obtain a spouse. - Cheese567

4 Upgrades
5 Cheat Codes

Hello people! Just recode the games to your advantage.

6 Quests
7 Pause Button
8 Mini Maps

Never get lost ahain! - Cheese567

9 Body Customization

Instant muscles

Green eyes! Yay!

10 Mini Games

The Contenders

11 Supper Powers

Super* - NobodyFamous

12 Pokémon

I wanna hug them all

13 Hacking Ability
14 Free Weapons
15 Mods
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Top Remixes

1. Infinite Lives
2. Upgrades
3. Body Customization
1. Restart from Last Checkpoint
2. Achievements
3. Infinite Lives


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