Top 10 Things Visitors Shouldn't Really Be Able to Do on TheTopTens

There are Visitors in this site that are basically Trolls, do you want more flame wars on this site?

The Top Ten

1 Vote

No way. If visitors couldn't vote, most lists would be in the same order as at the time they were created. - Alkadikce

I don't agree with this list because I was a visitor once.

Spam voting on something until it's #1 - FormulaOneHero

2 Comment

Rude comments and Hate spam - FormulaOneHero

3 Make a List

Biased Lists and Offensive Lists - FormulaOneHero

4 Become the New Admin

What if they come up with even more pathetic reasons to ban users? - FormulaOneHero

5 Make a Post About Certain Lists

What if they are Biased or Offensive? - FormulaOneHero

6 Search for a List

So they can Troll? No way 😃 - FormulaOneHero

7 Report Comments

Actual users can do that themselves anyways - FormulaOneHero

8 Like a Comment

Remember where most of them like Biased comments - FormulaOneHero

9 Submit an Item to a List

That Lion King Hater who Spams every Character from that Movie into negative Lists - FormulaOneHero

10 Find a User

And tick them off - FormulaOneHero

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