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1 Hands are annoying to draw

Really hard to draw especially realistic ones and anime

Drawing hands is almost as bad as watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians - LizardKing99

Hands are annoying to draw. I have to erase many times in order to get them right.

I don't really draw hands. I mainly draw random stuff. - EpicJake

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2 Other people are not allowed in your sketchbook

Since I'm no good at drawing, I got myself a sketchbook so I can practice but there is a reason why I don't let anyone see it. It will just me me feel embarrassed. Though I'm no artist. - cosmo

My sketchbook is equivalent to a visual diary, no one (and I mean no one! ) is allowed to look through all of it! It just makes me so dang uncomfortable! - keycha1n

Most people look at my sketchbook. But sometimes I just do not want people to look at my sketchbook.

I suck at drawing but enjoy doing it, so if someone tries to look, I jump on it and start yelling lol - ToptenPizza

3 Some WIPs are never going to get finished

*looks at my folder filled with unfinished drawings* it's not that many... I can probably finish them. *opens unfinished art folder on computer* Never mind! - Supernatural

Mostly me, I never finish my drawings because they look bad, but if they turn out very good, I will finish them.

I have about 5-10 drawings in my sketchbook that I will never finish... - keycha1n

4 It's hard to handle "better" artists

Something I'm not afraid to admit. I cannot handle this, and it's bad, but it's also something most artists can agree on. And no, it doesn't mean I wont talk to someone just because they draw better than I do, I just hate the fact that they are better than me! Yep, it's terrible. I acknowledge the terribleness. - keycha1n

Yeah this is true for me, sometimes I just can't handle it and I think I'm bad at drawing.

That is so true for me, and I admit that.

5 People will ask if you can draw them

I take it as a compliment, but understand that I'm not capable of that. It was also particularly annoying when I used to specialize in drawing animals. - keycha1n

I know right? People at my school keep asking me to draw them.

I used to experience this a couple of times at school. -_- - AO1-H1KAR1

My school basically, everyone wants me to draw them.

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6 Spectators are embarrassing

I often wonder how street artists manage - keycha1n

7 Having a massive doodling problem

I doodle all the time over everything. It makes my schoolwork quite the gallery - keycha1n

I agree sometimes I will get in trouble for to much doodling

I doodle a lot, so much I can't stop.

8 There are a bunch of good ideas that become awful drawings

I am like "Oh, I will make anime brothers", then in the end I am like "This was a bad idea, I will not finish this drawing".

I know, I have plenty of good ideas, but then my drawings turn bad.

9 Frustration at the lack of respect for the arts
10 Getting new supplies feels awesome

Recently got a new sketchbook, charcoals, and an electric eraser. I'm ecstatic to begin using them! - keycha1n

I agree, like getting a new sketchbook, colored pencils, or markers.

I can relate to you keycha1n, I am an artist myself and I love getting new art supplies. I got a set of 80 markers, professional markers and pens.

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11 Eyes and hair are the best body parts to draw

I love drawing realistic and anime eyes.

12 You get very insecure when you are running out of white and white color pencil

I use the white colored pencil all the time to blend when I color with colored pencils.

13 When you accidentally rip the paper
14 You wonder why you even want to be an artist in the first place
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1. Hands are annoying to draw
2. Some WIPs are never going to get finished
3. Other people are not allowed in your sketchbook
1. Other people are not allowed in your sketchbook
2. Hands are annoying to draw
3. It's hard to handle "better" artists
1. Spectators are embarrassing
2. Other people are not allowed in your sketchbook
3. There are a bunch of good ideas that become awful drawings

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