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1 A Tickle Fight

Awesome way to wake up because starting the day with a smile is a almost better than breakfast Actually it's tied!

Nice list too! - Curti2594

Wow! What better way to wake up than a furious tickle fight to start your day! - Britgirl

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2 Your Favorite Song

This is often satisfactory. However, I do often hear some of my least favourite songs in the morning if my brother is awake first. - PositronWildhawk

I've been unable to have that occur the way we'd imagine but starting the day with a song is always fun! - Curti2594

Imagine your favourite song gently playing in your ear - unless it's heavy metal of course! - Britgirl

A metal song in the morning would be awesome and energizing! I should try setting an alarm with a metal song! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

3 The Smell of Toast

Just the nicest aroma first thing in the morning. - Britgirl

4 Birdsong

Wonderful way to start a day - paasadani

5 Thunderstorms

I love thunderstorms! They have a distinct supernatural element in them. Although listening to thunders is a problem, the atmosphere thunderstorms create during mornings is so unique that I can't help but enjoy it. - Kiteretsunu

I love to wake up to the sound of heavy rain and thunderstorms, especially on a Sunday. - Britgirl

6 The Milkman

We buy our milk from the shop now but I used to love the sound of the milkman exchanging our empty bottles for fresh ones. - Britgirl

7 A Day Off

There's something so wonderful when you wake up thinking you have work and the realising it's actually your day off. Ahh... - Britgirl

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8 Tea

Love several morning cuppas. - Britgirl

9 A Bath / Shower

A bath, especially if it's been run for you. - Britgirl

10 The Smell of Coffee

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11 Your Lover

A dream Come True - Curti2594

12 Bacon
13 Your Vacation

Oh how I love being away from home! - Curti2594

I will do anything to get out of Tornado Alley

14 Work
15 A Message from Someone On TheTopTens

It feels the best and if it's a Friend on this site then that makes you feel even better! - Curti2594

Yeah I don't like it because people don't usually reply to my comments

This always brightens up the day - Curti2594

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16 Christmas Presents

This is the best - Curti2594

17 Marijuana
18 Foreplay
19 Your Naked Self
20 Orgasm
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1. Your Lover
2. Your Favorite Song
3. A Tickle Fight
1. A Tickle Fight
2. The Smell of Toast
3. Your Favorite Song



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