Top 10 Things Waluigi Fans Need to Realize

Out of all of the Mario Characters in existence, Waluigi has to have the WORST FANBASE EVER!! here what they must realise

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1 Luigi and Wario are the Only Reasons Why Waluigi Exists

And the only reason characters like Baby Daisy and Rosalina exist is because Baby Luigi, Mario and Peach exist.
Your point is invalid. - mattstat716

It isn't though, his fans don't realize that, being applied to two secondary characters is irrelevant. - DaisyandRosalina

2 Waluigi Isn't Sexy

He wears like blue eyeshadow.

It's a joke... - mattstat716

You're not secy either. - darthvadern


3 Waluigi is Overrated

No way! He was overrated like three years ago. - darthvadern

4 There are Better Characters Out There

And that's a biased statement. Your argument is invalid. - mattstat716

5 They are Too Rude

Like you with your lists? - mattstat716

6 Waluigi Serves No Purpose

Just like baby rosalina, pink gold peach, metal mario, baby daisy, etc... - mattstat716

7 They are Hypocrites
8 Waluigi Actually Deserves to Be Hated

Name 5 reasons. - mattstat716

9 They're Just Overreacting

Like you? - mattstat716

So are you! - darthvadern

10 They are Being Butthurt

Like the creator of this list?

Like you? - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Waluigi haters only disrespect opinions because majority of Waluigi fans are disrespectful to his haters
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