Top Ten Things Waluigi Haters Need to Realize

Waluigi haters are the new Frozen haters that won't shut up about hating Waluigi. They shove their opinions down our throats. Here's the things that the haters need to realize, not all, but most!

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1 Waluigi is Not that Overrated Anymore

I made this list mostly because I have just read the list why to love Waluigi haters. I was so angry and mad that the user was still making Waluigi hate lists, I decided I have to give him a taste of his own medicine. By making this list of course. Enjoy it. - darthvadern

He was popular like three years ago! So shut up! - darthvadern

Waluigi isn’t even that bad - MegaSoulhero

Honestly my biggest problem with him is that he’s overall irrelevant. Put him in something significant to the franchise and he’s fine in my book - Randomator

2 People Have Opinions

I added this item mostly because of how rude certain users here have been. - darthvadern

I’m not talking to the few good Waluigi fans who respect opinions but the majority of the Waluigi Fanbase need to realize that we have as much right to hate him as they have to like him

3 They are Not Cool

Not beautiful inside either! - darthvadern

Better than the obnoxious Waluigi fans who spam dumb memes down people’s throats and send death threats to Waluigi haters

I completely agree to whoever replied. Also, Waluigi DOES have his own game. It was an official flash game called Waluigi Tennis made to promote Mario Tennis, meaning that Waluigi got his own game before Luigi himself. - LittleAwesomeApple

4 Waluigi Fans are Allowed to Think He is Sexy

These haters seriously need to realize people have opinions! By their "comments" I am no longer allowed to think Hariet from Super Mario Odyssey is sexy because she's a villian in the game. - darthvadern

5 They are Just as Annoying as darthvadern Was When He Bashed Zootopia

I know it, I bashed Zootopia for like months but I then stopped because I realized I was annoying. But these Waluigi haters never realize it! - darthvadern

6 Larry Koopa Fans are Innocent

I put this here mostly because of how much offensive hate these fans get! They call the fans turds. If you are five or three, you usually judge a character based on looks. So of course Wario is hated! What would you guess? - darthvadern

What does this have to do with Waluigi haters?

7 They are Annoying

Fanbase is way worse

Most annoying hatebase on TheTopTens (Yes, worse than Jar Jar Binks and Justin Bieber hatebase)! - darthvadern

8 They are Offensive Towards Other Fanbases and Hatebases

Not all of them. I might have had some mean comments but I try not to offend anyone. Just like not all Waluigi fans send memes and death threats - Randomator

Larry Koopa Fans, Dry Bowser Fans, Wario Haters, Wendy Koopa Fans, Need I say more? - darthvadern

Waluigi fans are WAY more offensive to Daisy and Rosalina fans! They have even sent death threats. Waluigi haters aren’t even close to being as bad as the Fanbase

9 Filler Doesn't Necessarily Mean Bad

Nintendo needs to focus on characters like him often so the hate can stop. I don't hate him anymore just so you know. That list is really old and dumb. - ParkerFang

10 They Won't Stop Bashing Him

You hate Waluigi, WE GET IT! Can you just stop then!? - darthvadern

Most Waluigi fans also won’t stop praising him. You like Waluigi we get it! Can you stop shoving it down our throats now

We can like Waluigi as much as we want, but it is bad when we bring him up for no reason. - LittleAwesomeApple

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11 They Hate Him for No Reason

At least if you hate a character or something for a reason, I can understand. But not having a reason makes a hater a shallow, mindless jerk. Sure, I hate Bunga from The Lion Guard but at least I have a valid reason to; Bunga is annoying, mean, bratty and farts on others for no reason. There is nothing likeable about Bunga, in my honest opinion. As long as you have a reason, then it's find to like or dislike something. Just don't shove it under others' throats or be a close-minded snob about it.

Actually the hate base has good reasons - Randomator

What? Waluigi haters have very decent reasons! He is irrelevant to the franchise! Has yet to be in a major game! Always appears in spinoffs for filler, he’s not really unique he’s just Wario + Luigi.

12 It's Just a Video Game Character

Both fans and haters need to realize this. I’m saying this to the fans who send death threats and dumb memes and the haters who go way overboard with their hate - Randomator

13 They are Bandwagoning
14 Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

You think you're giving the fans a "taste of their own medicine"? That doesn't solve the situation, dimwits. Ridiculous, this website is.

15 Waluigi Did Not Rip Off Sabasa

They are from the SAME FRANCHISE. Oh, and it’s ONLY the head that’s “not unique”, GET OVER IT!

16 Daisy Appearing in More Main Games Does Not Make Her A Better Character

Considering the fact that Daisy got captured in all main games she appeared in, that technically makes her a worse character, but that is just my opinion. - LittleAwesomeApple

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