Top Ten Things Warner Bros. Should Do About DCEU

The Top Ten

1 Reboot It


The character designs and actors protraying them already have potential and can work, they just have to be properly utilized - Enmanu16

2 Recast

We actually do need to do some recasting.

My choices:
Eisenberg as The Riddler
Willem Dafoe as Joker (if Vulko dies)
Noemie Lenor as Cheetah (Look her up)
Alexander Dreymon as Lex Luthor

Morena Baccarin as Catwoman
Kirby Bliss Blanton as Supergirl

3 Hire New Talented Directors

Alongisde their free creative freedom, you bitches - Enmanu16

4 Use Batman and Superman Well
5 Don't Compete with Marvel
6 Have a Balance Between Dark and Light Tones

DC, even in the comics, always had a balance between light and dark, but more inclined to dark, making a bit unique than Marvel, and this could help.

Basically: have good and bad moments and vibes, equally. (Depending on the characters who are showing).

7 Listen to Audiences
8 Make Good Movies
9 Use All DC Characters Well
10 Not Force or Rush It

True that.

The Contenders

11 Calm Down a Bit
12 Make a Flash, Green Lantern and Man of Steel Trilogy
13 Understand the True Meaning of the Greatest Superheroes Created by Writers
14 Put the Dark Knight Trilogy in the DCEU
15 Give Aquaman and Shazam a Sequel
16 Learn from the Comics
17 Make a Good Plan
18 Be More Careful and Considerate with Character's Tones, Especially in Team-Up Movies.
19 Be Consistent
20 Give Characters the Depth that We Would Admire or Remember About Them.
21 Use Underrated Characters, with Potential.
22 Get Directors Who are True Fans of Comics.
23 Have Someone Good in Charge
24 Not Make Separate Universes

If they do this, for example ''Joker'', it's gonna make things a bit confusing and make WB look like they're trying too hard.

Just don't do it, guys.

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