Top 10 Things We All Do in the Shower Other Than Washing

There's something about taking a shower that prompts our mind to explore lesser visited areas of our consciousness. Maybe it's the solitude. Maybe it's the lack of outside stimuli. Maybe it's the nakedness.

What's strange is how, when put into a situation where we can just be ourselves, we so often tend to do the same types of things as everyone else.

The Top Ten

1 Thoroughly dominate our opponents in imaginary arguments

This is honestly the most relatable list I've ever seen

Wait, this happens to you guys too? - Rocko

Checkmate, Steady statists

2 Think of clever responses we wish we'd said in previous real life situations

So relatable!
Great list... - Ananya

Wow! This list is perfect for me - Spongehouse

If only I'd said _____, it would have been a real show stopper. People would probably still be talking about it. Wonder if they would have laughed or punched me? - HenchmanNo2

3 Think of snappy comebacks to possible future questions

In the incredibly unlikely event that a specific topic comes up amongst a certain group of friends and I get asked the right question, I have an answer queued up that will be sure to delight. - HenchmanNo2

"What are you looking at? "
"Your face."
"Rocko, what are you even doing in there?! " - Rocko

I find it strange to see this on the featured but it’s funny - LootLlama

4 See how much water we can cup in our hands

I do this all the time besides Think of snappy comebacks, think of clever responses, and dominate our opponents. - Persephone_Hell666

True. - Userguy44

True that - 2storm

Yess so true - RylinB

5 Rededicate ourselves to working out and eating better

No matter what shape you're in, you can always make a case for doing a little more. Bulk, cut, tone,... there's always something and it may even change from day to day based on your mood. - HenchmanNo2

6 Think of things we intend to Google the next time we're online

And almost certainly forget about them until the next time we're in the shower. - HenchmanNo2

7 Keep increasing the water temperature to see how hot of water we can stand

This is also what I do. - Persephone_Hell666

8 Dream of what we would do if we suddenly became very wealthy

We already know what Lawrence from Office Space would do and who knows, maybe he thought of that while in the shower. Maybe along with another type of popular shower thought. Two birds with one stone if you will. - HenchmanNo2

6 figures I was only 4 - LootLlama

Everyday Bro - BreakFastBeast2005

9 Pee while showering

As Stan Marsh once said "...Well, it's not like if you suddenly have to pee, you're gonna get out of the shower." - SuperSonic17

Very much so. I think it saves water and I want to help the environment as well as financial issues. - Persephone_Hell666

Exactly what I do.

Yep - 2storm

10 Visualize ourselves competing in, and winning, an athletic competition

Similar to the shower debate except this time your settling the score with your physical ability. - HenchmanNo2

The Contenders

11 Pleasure ourselves


yep - RylinB

Oh yeah! - Spongehouse

Uh - LootLlama

12 Imagine that we are performing in a concert

Heavy Metal singing is what I do! Whether in the shower or out of it! I hope I become viewed in the public eye one day... perhaps even become famous and have my heavy metal singing career but it is goanna take a lot of effort. - Persephone_Hell666

It was in the shower that I mastered the air guitar - PackFan2005

13 Imagine how our lives would be different if we changed one thing in our past

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you end up being Biff in Back to the Future 2 or Evan in The Butterfly Effect? - HenchmanNo2

14 Cry

Yes. Because, believe it or not, I am dealing with a lot of real life emotional things. - Cyri

yep - RylinB

15 Think about what we're going to do after the shower
16 Try out new hairstyles with our wet hair

All ways do this with me it's better because my hard stays down when I do it

yep - RylinB

17 Dance carefully
18 Try to drink the water coming out of the faucet

I've did it once. Didn't bother me, really. It just tastes like normal water. - Persephone_Hell666

19 Hum really loudly
20 Sing
21 Keep decreasing the water temperature to see how cold we can stand it
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