Top Ten Things We Can Learn from Books


The Top Ten

1 Vocabulary
2 Writing Styles

Great list. I found my own writing style reading many authors' technique. Because I mainly write dark, psychological stories, I use short, sharp sentences and short words. The affect is aggressive and works better with the theme. Romantic fiction is quite different; often the sentences are longer and the usage of words are often quite poetic and "flowy"
In a few reviews of my stories, I've often been called "Twisted" which pleases me immensely. It means I've found my own unique writing style, all I have to do is feed it, watch it grow and blossom into something myself and my readers will enjoy. - Britgirl

3 Information
4 Social Techniques
5 History
6 Using Imagination
7 Thinking In a Abstract Way

I've been told on many occasions that I "Overthink" I never see it as a put- down (even though it probably is) I use it as a positive attribute and trait for my writing. I enjoy so much burrowing my way into the minds of my characters, it helps me to better understand the mind I'm working with. - Britgirl

8 Consequences of Actions
9 Strategies
10 How to Be Creative
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