Top 10 Things We Can Learn From Making Mistakes

Making mistakes is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be at ease with them? Perhaps there is a way to think of them differently and see their benefits.

This list tells how we can learn from them. Everyone has their flaws.

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The Top Ten
1 Never give up

Sometimes you just have to trust the process

I don't give up at something once I'm committed

I think you mean "Never gonna GIVE you up, eh?" Sorry, innapropriate place for a rickroll joke

Don’t give up and try it again.

2 Don't the same mistakes over and over

The number #1 reason in my opinion

Yeah hopefully you learn how to do better. I mean that’s kinda the whole point of punishments

3 They are part of the process of growth and development

Mistakes happen during your life process. When we accept change as the natural structure of the world, our vulnerability and humanness lets us work with the ebb and flow of life.

Like I said sometimes you have to trust the process

4 Accept our fallibility and face our fears

Sometimes even our best efforts just don't work out. We might do everything possible to achieve a certain result and still fail, again and again. When this happens we can admit that we're stuck. Facing mistakes often takes us straight to the heart of our fears. And when we experience and face those fears, they can disappear.

Don't run away from your mistakes

5 Use our mindset

Don’t let obstacles stop you but motivate you further. Most things worth having don’t come easily.

6 Think about our integrity

Mistakes often happen when we break promises, over-commit, agree to avoid conflict or fail to listen fully. Big mistakes often start as small errors. Over time, tiny choices that run counter to our values or goals can accumulate into breakdowns.

7 Take our responsibility

Taking responsibility for a failure may not be fun. But the act of doing so points out what we can do differently next time. Investigating our role reminds us that our choices and our actions have a huge influence on the quality of our lives.

8 It helps us through analysis and feedback

The feedback we get from our mistakes can be the most specific, pointed, and powerful feedback we'll ever get. Many times we can trace mistakes to recurring patterns of belief or behavior things we do, say, and think over and over again. When we spot and change a habit we may find that other areas of our lives change for the better.

9 It helps us to clarify what we want and how we want to live

The urgency created causes us to focus on issues or problems that make us feel off track. Working on possible solutions, redefining what we want or expect, or reexamining our values or goals can lead us to more clarity about our path.

10 It helps us grow and take risks

Mistakes help us to remember that we are not content to play it safe. That we understand that without risk there is sometimes no reward.

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