Top Ten Things We Check When We are Choosing a Movie to Watch

Ok there are some aspects or details we check first when we are deciding which movie we'll see.

The Top Ten

1 Story

If the story appeal to us we procced to everything else. - Szonana

2 Genre

We all have our favorites and least favorite genres so its almost a sure thing you won't watch a certain film if its X or Y movie genre - Szonana

3 Actors

We look if It has well known actors and if some of our favorites or least favorites are in it.
Lets be honest many of us won't watch a movie if an actor we hate satrs in it. - Szonana

4 Friends and family suggestions

We check if it's a film someone close to us liked it or said great things about it - Szonana

5 Entertainment value

We always care if we will be entertained and grab our attention - Szonana

6 Reviews and ratings

Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and similar we can have at first hand what people and critics thought about the films we are going to see. - Szonana

7 Running time

Many of us might have issues sometimes with how long a film its gonna be so vhevking the running time is a big deal. - Szonana

8 Peace

How the film flows and if its too slow for its genre. - Szonana

9 Franchise or movie series

We are always going to see/avoid a film franchise we love/ hate. - Szonana

10 Based on true events

A film based on a true story most of the times get our attention - Szonana

The Contenders

11 Based on a book or play we already liked

It always helps if a movie its based on a book or play we liked or maybe you didn't especifically loved it but its based on a very popular book or play. - Szonana

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