Top 10 Things We Do Not Like About Miss Rabbit from Peppa Pig

Here are the things we do not like about Miss Rabbit.

The Top Ten

1 She Has Every Single Job In This Show

Who does she think she is? Larry from TAWOG?

She's like Larry from TAWOG

How does she have every single job at once? She probably gets 100000000000000000 dollars a day.

Tell me how miss rabbit has every single job

2 She Gets All The Credit
3 You See Her In Almost Every Episode
4 She Gets Pregnant In One Episode Which Is Very Inappropriate For A Kids Show

Actually it's her sister but I agree it's innaproppiate

5 She Is Very Greedy
6 She Has Clones Of Herself Which Is Creepy
7 She Teleports Into Different Places Whenever Peppa And Her Family Are Going Somewhere
8 She Earns Way More Money Than Everybody Else In This Show
9 She Didn't Deserve To Meet The Queen
10 Her Face Looks Like An Egg

Like onion

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11 Her Sassy Voice
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