Top Ten Things We Do When We "Go to Bed" Other Than Sleep


The Top Ten

1 Watch TV

I can't sleep without watching at least two episodes of my favourite comedies. - Britgirl

2 Listen To Music

I love to listen to my favorite anime (of course) soundtracks right before I go to sleep. - Absolite

Always has to be gentle jazz. - Britgirl

Love some Miles Davis or Paul Simon to put me to sleep. - PetSounds

I like to put on earbuds and put the volume low : - MattDeBat

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3 Write

Some of my best story ideas come to me at night. - Britgirl

The best story ideas come when I'm on my bed,late at night,when I have school early in the morn,with my mom forcing me to sleep - Toucan

4 Read
5 Eat

You shouldn't eat anything fatty. Sorry, don't eat anything, fatty. - PositronWildhawk

I like to eat dry cream crackers and drink tea. - Britgirl

I never do this. It can cause caries. Nice joke Pos! And Tina, I love you! - keyson

6 Masturbate

This isn't a very good idea, but if you want, I guess, go for it and have sex with yourself. - RockFashionista

7 Play Video Games
8 Surf The Web
9 Call Friends

Sometimes I'm still talking to them at 4am! - Britgirl

10 Make Numerous Top Ten Lists

The Contenders

11 Nothing

I have to do this :(

12 Have Sex

I'm surprised this wasn't here before, lol - Absolite

13 Breathe
14 Die

Who adds this? Don't add useless items please. - Userguy44

15 Lie There Awake

I do this after my parents get mad at me because it makes it difficult for me to immediately fall asleep afterwards

16 Drink
17 Stretch
18 Look at Photos
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