Things that We Don't Want to Happen Within the Next 25 Years

This is a long way to come, but here's thing we don't want to happen in the next 25 years. Some of this are jokes that is totally not going to happen.

The Top Ten

1 WW3

Its barbaric, evil, wrong, we do not need another world war. It was horrible enough with the first and second. World War Three cannot happen because everyone will die.

I am really scared that this is going to happen. I do not want a worthless war!

Why am I not surprised that this is #1? - SpectralOwl

2 A virus kills over 50% of the population A virus kills over 50% of the population

Virus can evolve - MrCoolC

I'm pretty sure that won't happen because of vaccines and better health care.

3 End of TheTopTens

That would be my least favorite thing!

4 An infamous person comes back from the dead

And conquer the world - MrCoolC

Is that possible?

5 Famine

Overpopulation could cause food shortages, but it won’t happen in this century - MrCoolC

6 Cats and dogs become extinct
7 Another genocide

This happened a lot in history, but there needs to be none in the future - MrCoolC

By now, the international community should know how to prevent this. - CloudInvasion

8 Bankruptcy of a well known company

This year, places like Sears, and Toys R Us are closing down, so it can be likely. - MrCoolC

9 Internet shuts down forever

Probably won’t happen. I would be fine for a while. - MrCoolC

10 Music becomes worse

At least I can still listen to my favorite unreleased songs on YouTube!

The Newcomers

? Nazis rise again
? A Second Holocaust

The Contenders

11 The End of the World


12 We move to mars
13 Cartoons become worse
14 Everyone becomes lazy and fat
15 AI overthrows us
16 America becomes a dictatorship
17 Global warming gets worse
18 Animals become extinct
19 Pollution gets worse
20 A outbreak of a deadly disease
21 Meteor crashes into earth
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