Things We Hate Most About Parents


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1 They're clean freaks
2 Says your dumb when they can't use any new modern technology
3 Blames you if your siblings do something wrong
4 'You won't get in trouble if you tell the truth'
5 Complain about watching TV 24/7 when they can do 30+ hours
6 Comparing you to another student
7 They like homework
8 They get nice when you have a visitor
9 Blames you a lot
10 They yell at you a lot

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11 Judges you on your beliefs
12 They don't trust you
13 Don't listen to what you have to tell them
14 Gets angry really quickly
15 They think that both rock and roll and heavy metal are the Devil's music
16 They think they're smarter than you
17 Overprotective
18 Never knowing when to let go
19 Not caring about your problems in the slightest
20 Treating you poorly
21 Making you watch terrible and inappropriate kids shows
22 Teasing you
23 They think they're always right
24 They get angered easily
25 Most never look over a movie, book, TV show, etc, to see if it's appropriate for kids or not
26 They always think you're lying even when you're telling the truth
27 When they find out something they tell everyone they possibly know
28 They're so stubborn
29 They call it arguing, but you call it explaining
30 They don't accept your own beliefs
31 They're snobby
32 Alcoholic parents
33 Abusive parents
34 They think you're being the stupid one when in reality they're being the stupid ones
35 Close-mindedness
36 They don't know how to be parents
37 They don't understand you at all
38 They hate good music
39 Yell at you in public
40 With them you have no privacy
41 They are overprotective
42 You have to listen to them
43 They control you
44 They are overpowered
45 They want respect but they don't respect you
46 They tell you what to wear
47 They complain
48 They have fights
49 They can drive but you can't
50 If you want money for your birthday they give you gifts instead
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1. Blames you a lot
2. They don't trust you
3. They yell at you a lot
1. They're clean freaks
2. Says your dumb when they can't use any new modern technology
3. Blames you if your siblings do something wrong


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