Top Ten Things We Hate When People Do

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When they don't pay attention to a word you say and give you a blunt answer in response

Me: Mom, have you ever been to Cyprus before?
Mom: *concentrating really hard* Yes.
Me: Mom?
Mom: No, I've never been there.

-. - *facepalm*

Really annoys me when this happens.

This is really annoying.

I hate when that happens!

When they can't keep a secret

Also when you tell them a secret and make them promise over and over again that they won't tell and they immediately tell someone on purpose. One time my ex-girlfriend asked me if I Liked this other girl (when we weren't dating) and I said "Yes, but you can't tell her or anyone EVER." 5 minutes later the other girl I liked told me she knew and my ex didn't even defend herself when I got mad at her for telling.

I told my friend who I like and she told everyone!
It's so easy why do they tell everyone!

I don't understand why people can't keep secrets. IT'S SO EASY. Just don't tell anyone.

I had to tackle my friend who I told a secret to not once but TWICE

When they text you something really emotional and though provoking, when they still keep a stoic face on

You should always be honest with those around yourself. It gets you in the wrong mix if you don't, and coming out can be catastrophic for you.

I did that to my mom once I loved the taste of revenge

When they keep on being hypocrites when they should go find a mirror and highly consider a nice long look
When they pretend they like your food when they're holding in their puke

If my girlfriend (if I ever have one) makes a dish which deserves to be puked, I have to somehow get out of the trouble. At least I can pretend I like her food.

When they lie and act like nothing's wrong when it's quite obvious otherwise

I've always been pretty intuitive (at least, in person, so don't go messaging me crazy stuff! ), so this is frustrating. I know you're lying! But I have no evidence besides "I think so". I never know what to do in these situations...

When they steal your food

This is everyone at my lunch table. I have to hold in my pee until after lunch because I cannot leave my food alone.

Goodness I so dislike these people

When they post porn
When Instead of cleaning their room or whatever they're cleaning, they shove all the junk in the closet

This is mostly annoying to parents.

When They Say Big Brother is Awesome

Bad thing for anyone to say

My little brothers are really the bullys,so big brother sucks is doing the same thing

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When they chew with their mouth open

Especially when the food flies out of their mouths and they always move closer towards you D:

Oh, thank goodness, I thought I was the only one!

I hate this. It’s so gross


I like it when people stare it me! I feel respected!

When they do the complete opposite of what you asked them to do as a favor for you
When they are fake

I hate fake people, they annoy me so much

Go out of their way to hate
When they hate something you absolutely love

This is called an opinion guys

I know that we all have our different opinions, but doesn't it just piss you off when someone says that your FAVORITE band sucks? Don't you just wanna smack them so hard?

Its worse when they make fun of you for it but if they hate something you like they can hate it its called opinions

When they get into constant conflicts

Yes! The drama is too much to bare

When they say you'll love something when it turns out you hate it with a burning passion

Then you're probably a rebellious spirit who went in biased and ready to hate it.

This has happened to me.

When they tweet every single detail of what they are doing
When They Say Justin Bieber Is Awesome.

Yass! Or even worse, when they SING Justin Bieber

When 9 years olds play rated m games

My brother plays Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc. and he's NINE. He also has a dirty mind!

When third graders have Instagram
When an 8 year old has a boyfriend/girlfriend

What do you people have against elementary schoolers?

When they put pressures on you
When They Say They Voted Trump
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