Top 10 Things We Hope Aren't True


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1 Attack on Titan is Gonna Get Canceled

They still plan to release Season 3 of Attack on Titan in 2018. They haven't given up on it yet. Who told you this rumor? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Every show gets cancelled. Get over it. - TheYoshiPyro64

Please don't let it be true! - Adventurur2

2 People Test Toilet Paper Before Putting It Out in Stores

How do they know how soft it is? - Adventurur2

That's disgusting!

3 Rappers are Nazis

Please don't let it be true! All my favourite rappers rappers can't be nazis!

They might be - Adventurur2

Shut up satan

4 The Clone Wars is Gonna Happen
5 We are All in a Simulation

Is it real? - Adventurur2

6 Jailbreak Emoji is in Love with Gene
7 SpongeBob Loves Anime
8 Elvis Was a Real King

Hey add anything you want guys this is just a fun list - Adventurur2

9 Nicki Minaj Has an Account on TheTopTens

She would be bragging about how big her ass is and how much she loves to fart.Her songs suck too.Worst music artist ever.-LitSavage

10 Gay Marriage is Illegal

Gay marriage is already now legal in all states in the United States. Thank the Lord for the US Constitution and the Supreme Court of the United States. Though, I haven't heard anything about Trump making it illegal again. Let's just hope it stays legal. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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11 Wendy is the Best Portrayal of Women in the Mario Series
12 Justin Bieber is immortal
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