Things We Hope Won't Happen for 2021

So, 2020 is Just a Pretty Mediocre Year so Far (Better Than 1350 and 1941). But Let's Look Ahead, 2021. Since 2020 Is a Poor Year, I Think 2021 Would Have a Much Better Experience (Or Would it?). Yes, You Heard Me Right! Or Would it? Because This List is About Things We Don't Hope. Hopefully, I'll Make a List About Things We Hope for 2021. Because The World is Getting Worse and Worse. Oh, This List is Also Not for The Faint of Heart. So Stay Tuned For a Special Presntation After The Movie.... (My Version of Viewer Description is Advised)
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1 Another Virus Outbreak

Coronavirus! The Bubonic Plague! The 10 Plagues (Well, Not A Virus, But Still)! All Of These (Except for The 3rd One) are All Infamous Outbreaks. and Seeing COVID-19, I Think We All See How Much of a Painful Impact it Has Landed on Us. Especially With All of The Homophobic Comments Targeting China. And As We See, No Water! No Toilet Paper! (Sorry)

In order to stop virus outbreak from coming,I rather shooing the virus than getting worse to the world

Nope, we don't need another year of lockdowns, thank you very much!

That would suck if we had another virus outbreak this year

2 World War III

This should definitely be number one. At a virus outbreak can go away with a vaccine but a war can't be controlled with a vaccine. And you can still talk to your friends and family with technology and still meet them anytime. But during a war they might get drafted and get separate from you and you may never see or talk them again even if they do return they might not come back the same. yeah WW3 should be worse than another virus outbreak. Make this number one.

No! We're already this close to catastrophe yet the idiots residing in the government office don't care at all (looking at you Trump, Putin, and Xi)

Okay, Here's Something We All Don't Want. Another War. Because Some Call WWII "A War that Ends All Wars" And They're Wrong. Because There are Many Countries That Are Enemies (Such as The US and North Korea). And Do We Need More Politics? Because They Are Responsible For Most of These Wars.

You Know, This List Is Really Dark for a Positive And Usually Happy 15 Year Old.

3 Still on Lockdown

Unfortunately, it probably will happen again since people are still refusing to take this virus seriously.

This will suck, if there was a lockdown again in January and February.

I still on lockdown since december it sucks

I hope it won’t happen

4 More Child Abuse

Okay, If You're The User Piplup, The Look Back Now! Child Abuse is Pretty Much The Worst Thing That Can Happen to A Child (Other Than a Certain Something That Starts With "D"). And Child Abuse Is Something That Can Affect That Person's Life! Especially With Rapists and Abusers Such as Peter Scully and Others. Child Abuse, is Something That Must END. (Note: I Was Abused in 7th Grade)

5 More Shootings

There have been too much shootings recently.

Do I Really Need to Explain on This One?

6 No Longer on Lockdown, but Still Having to Social Distance

Wouldn’t mind this one to be honest.

7 The Great Depression II
8 More Cyberbullying

Zenko is a good girl, she didn't deserve this bad publicity that the awful Outcast Network gave her. She doesn't lie or slander anyone. She only uses constructive criticism when it comes to discussing people that she hates. She's a good hearted, old classy lady.

Oh Look A Bully! You Could Easily Just Ignore That Bully Any Day, But If It's Cyberbullying, That's a Diffrent Story. I Mean Just Look At These Things: SJWs Bully a SU Fan To The Point of Attempt Suicide, The Zenko Controversy, and Many More. Oh, and Apparently They Think Cyberbullying isn't Real.

Zenko, can you shut up about the Outcasts already?

9 Trump Gets Re-Elected

He's the laughing stock of the world, and the whole country will grow much angerer. His supporters are in a cult, and the irony that he calls himself smart is laughable. His former economics professor said that he's the dumbest student that he ever had, and it's horrific that he declared four chapter-11 bankruptcies. He tells a bunch of lies and misinformation to the nation, and he inherited a booming economy from Obama. Donald Trump cheated his whole life who shouldn't be president, and he's only rich for inheriting money from his father.

Sinister president of the US, we are should get a better president to vote

He'll no longer be president. Good riddance!

Lol and some of his supporters litetratly raided the Capitol.

10 More Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is Another Example of Something Horrible and is The Worst Thing That Can Happen to An Animal (Other than See Number 3). Now If You See a Person Punching a Poor Bull Calf for His (or Her) Own Pleasure, That's Animal Abuse. and These Organizations (Looking At you, PETA) Aren't Evening Doing Anything to Help. In Fact, They're Supporting The Problem By Murdering Healthy Pit bulls.

Stop the animal cruelty please

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? Boku No Pico Season 2
? Dora the Explorer Gets Rebooted
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11 Famine
12 No Public Events
13 No More Oil in the World
14 More Wildfires

That would be the worst if there was more wildfires

Good for you, countries with dry climate

15 More Homophobic Memes

Yes, let’s ban a harmless joke all because some people on here can’t tell the difference between that and blatant homophobia.

Again, This is Something I Don't Really Need to Explain (Wildfire and 9/11 Memes are Examples).

16 Oceans Drying Up More
17 Disney Parks Still Closed
18 More Video Game Addiction

If It's One Thing Most of Us Enjoy, Then It's Playing Video Games. But What if We Get Addicted By Them? Personally I Enjoy Tamagotchi and Mario Kart Super Circuit (As Irrelevant The Game is), But There Have Been Some Articles About People Even KILLING Their Loved Ones Because of This. and This Happened Not Just Currently in 2020, But Also In Years Like 2017. Where a Teen Kills His Grandmother For Playing too Much Games.

People can play video games if they want to. Killing someone over a game is not right.

Bad for everyday life,good for half hour. Warn over the video game addiction such as Fortnite

19 More Unfunny and Homophobic Trolls

NOTE: This Isn't Targeted to All Trolls (Such as BTDR). But This is Targeted to The Rude and Homophobic Ones Found Not Just On Here (TheTopTens) But also On Other Sites (Such as YouTube, Fandom and Miraheze For Example). But Still, As The It Implies, These Trolls are Nothing But Unfunny and Homophobic Users. (Though Not All are Cyberbullies and are Just Kidding.)

20 No More Movie Theaters

Theaters need to come back.

Theatres are too awesome.

21 More Social Justice Warriors

Too much crazy woman rebels and the whole sex assault/rape thing to men

I'm sure that there are more anti-SJWs than SJWs themselves, and it has been dying around 2019 or 2018.

Really, Do I Need to Explain This One?

22 Alien Invasion

Fortunately it's not very likely. - Powell

23 No More Restaurants
24 Caillou Comes Back

Who cares? It’s an irrelevant show made for toddlers.

25 More Murder Hornets
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