Top Ten Things We Learned from Horror Movies

The Top Ten

1 Killers are persistent

After possibly 18-20 innocent deaths, the bad guy dies finally. And we say Good always wins over Evil. - Kiteretsunu

Them old jason voorhees is one tough primate to kill.

2 Its the final trilogy but we got so much money leftover to make another sequel
3 With every anthology, its really the same plot

Best example of this Friday the 13th, Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street and Saw. - egnomac

4 Who's going to die, the character who isn't the central character
5 Put "Based on a true story" to piss peoples trousers
6 Run? No, stand there and scream

That is one of the stupidest things people do in horror movies. If you wanna live than run for your life! Don't stand there like a scarred baby!

Grab a weapon from your range and try to fight? no, stand and scream...

Call thepolice? no, call some dude who isn't gonna help you.

turn on the damn light? no! go inside with a DAMN FLASHLIGHT.

there are many examples, not just the item itself...

7 The closer you are the someone, the more chances of them being a killer
8 Melee and no rangey

I like rangeys...melees just, suck

9 Don't have sex in the middle of the woods at night

You have sex, dead. You go alone in, dead. Cars don't start. Phone doesn't work. - RustyNail

Who's geniu idea is "hey do you want to have sex in the creepy woods that might have something evil in it" - shfydgi

10 Cars are a troll

I could just imagine a troll face appear when the camera is outside the car when the main dude is trying to start it up...

The Contenders

11 Always turn on the lights

I do that anyway. I kind of want to see what's in front of me. - Money1208

wealso learned another lesson...

12 People have two left feet
13 Run. Out. The. Front. Door!

Going through the back door is cliched and the killer is obviously there...

14 Don't be anything but Caucasian

It doesn't matter what color your skin is.

15 The African American sacrifices himself

Horror movies are racist.


16 If you are alone, you're dead
17 Splitting Up When a Killer is Lurking Near is Superior
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