Things We Learned in School that are Now Useless

Remember in school when we had to write in cursive, make something out of a shoebox, or even how to climb a rope?
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1 How to play the recorder

I personally never played the recorder, but the other students in my grade did (don't ask) I think I remember the recorder being very squeaky sounding...Also I thought it could be used for something until I learned that it doesn't even help in learning instruments like the flute

Ugh, I know! Nobody actually uses the recorder outside of school, this is mainly just to prepare you for harder-to-play instruments such as the clarinet.

In my music class we got to play the xylophone. It's way better to get an intuition for the musical stass. The recorder is kind of a dumb instrument to learn.

Out of all the blow instruments - slide whistle, tuba, sax, flute, etc. WHY THIS? I used to have a recorder and I couldn't understand a thing.

2 How to drop an egg without breaking it

This one's actually important because it's the context that matters: to wear a helmet. But seeing this at #3, I'm no longer surprised why teens still cycle without helmet and break their life.

What the... in what class did you learn that, for what reason and how did it fit into the context of the subject?

They should teach us how to fry eggs in different ways. Much better use of eggs.

So gross when the egg hits the pavement, somebody's gotta clean it up.

3 How to write in cursive

Writing in cursive also means you can easily read things written in cursive. If you're studying history, then it becomes useful when reading old documents or letters becomes a necessity. I personally find it as an advantage for writing signatures and such. While it is still important in other countries where there is less technology, I can understand why people find it useless if they do not put it into use, but most forget that writing in cursive improves motor skills—which in this case isn't "useless".

I remember when people could read my writing, but now I don't remember how to write in anything but cursive and it looks like I've scribbled all over my book. cursive, please stop existing. nobody can read you.

I learned cursive in 5th grade, and I really disliked it. I was so hard to remember how to write letters (That I could write perfectly fine) in a completely new form that I can barely read

A: Cursive is hard to read anyway

B: Our world is becoming more and more technology centered. 95% of the things u would have written 20 years ago can now just be typed onto a computer. Learning how to type would be more beneficial to the majority of students than learning cursive.

4 How to climb a rope

Gym is literally the useless class for me and others too. All I do in gym is try not to be killed with flying basketballs by stupid boys. I got hit in the leg and my arm this school year, nobody gave a crap neither...

Sports class... I hated it and always failed. But it actually is useful to know how to climb in case you are in danger and have to flee from somewhere quickly.

This is actually useful during an emergency where you have to go down (or up) using the rope when there is fire...

I think learning how to climb a rope is wonderful! It builds endurance, strength, agility and EGO.

5 Memorizing The Periodic Table

It may be useless, but knowing words like "rubidium" and "rhenium" and "australium" and "rutherfordium" and "jerktonium" and "curium" makes me feel smort.

Biology, chemistry, and history is memorization(of course history is by far more than either, chemistry and biology do take some understanding), physics and math is understanding.

In practice you'll always have a periodic table to reference, and important values you'll memorise naturally through practice. The only people who benefit from memorising the table of elements is teachers who want to make tests.

Gladly we hadn't had to memorize and could just use the printed table for tests. Chemists can use one too, but they have to somewhat know it by heart, because they need the elements a lot and it takes some time to look everything up every few seconds.

6 The first 25 digits of pi

I would usually use just 3.14 for finding area of circles, so yeah I kind of agree, memorization gets you about no where for math, and 25 digits is really not that impressive either.

Why would we need to know this? When are we going to go to a shop and wonder what are the frickin first 25 digits of pi? We have Google and the internet to ask that.

Impractical, but an alright way to impress people. Although I don't know if people have to memorize more than a few digits.

Only useful when you're trying to prove you're a math genius, otherwise absolutely useless.

7 How to use long division and long multiplication

I say, that even though I HATE math, learning to do this stuff is important. However, in real life, your boss won't be like: "ShOw Me YoUr WoRk" and then count you out if you don't. I real life, people use calculators, or other forms. Like my dad uses Xcel to do quick math. I real life, you boss just wants the answer. He/she doesn't care how you got the answer as long as its right

Trust me, when you get into college or at the very least, a college-level class in high school or a community college program, you're GOING to want to memorize this for tests even if you've long forgotten it prior to taking the classes. I know this because I took a math class for my Career and College Promise Program and we had to do an entire lesson on it and practice at home online to memorize the formulas.

I can't believe everyone over here is calling math "useless". Life rule: Just because you hate it does not mean it is useless. And the same people are gonna whine in the future saying that school didn't teach them anything lol.

We have calculators. Teachers say you don't always have one. Then I will carry around multiple or use my phone. It's worse for my youngest bro because he has to do it the partial way. Poor him.

8 How to find a book using the card catalogue system

Does anyone even read books anymore?

I never had to do this but my cousin did.

Didn't learn it, didn't need it.

Its best to read a book, but buy them, not take them from the library

9 How to make the most amazing erupting volcano

I have seen that in so many American high school movies and series. Can somebody explain this to me? Why this is taught in American schools, what subjects it belongs in and how it became a thing?

I won 1st place for this thing and I was so confused it was some foamy liquid and a huge..ok just stop teaching this!

Teach us how to dodge a volcano instead. Don't give us a worksheet though.

The Mirage volcano in Vegas is the most amazing erupting volcano EVER!

10 How to do the limbo

We can learn it ourselves. School is for preparing you to get a good job

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11 How to spell things on a calculator

We can teach ourselves.

12 How to write geometric proofs

Ugh don't even remind me

13 Roman numerals

Excuse me? But I made a word quiz for the grade where we start learning Roman numerals

It's pretty good for lawyering tho.

Pfft this one's easy

14 Learning about William Shakespeare
15 Reciting the states and capitals

This should be common knowledge in times of wide global communications (I mean, we have at least 3 nationalities alone commentating on this list) and although I am horrible in Geography, this is by far the most useful item on this list.

I literally know all 50 states of the US and their capitals off the top of my head. Don't know what to use it for though...

Alright I agree with this one, I really don't get why people focus so much on memorization but not understanding.

Actually this is important. It's embarrassing if you don't know your own country's states or capitals.

16 Mental maths

There are Calculators on Phones!

I do that all the time

17 How to use the Quadratic Formula

I personally think that math is important, not just because I study it, and it's used a lot in science, but it develops people's critical thinking skills.

What the heck is that

18 The parts of a cell

Why do we need to know that?

19 Reciting the preamble to the U.S. Constitution

We didn't learn anything about our constitution. But it would have been a great thing to base political debates on. Especially because such papers constantly need to be reworked to fit our modern society.
Points for US school system.

Dumb nationalism. The constitution is meant to be a living document, not a dogma kids have to recite.

Worse for you if you hate presenting.

20 Reading a clock with hands

Do we really need to be able to read a hand clock when we can learn from a normal clock that says the time in standard form?

21 How to dissect an animal

It's also called animal abuse. Animal bodies aren't the same as ours. So basically schools are promoting more animal abuse.

Unless your career is in torturing animals, this is useless.

At least I never had to do this.

22 How to sew

You can either teach yourself or have your mother, grandmother or any other female relative teach you, but we ain't gonna have the teach show you.

Fun, but really kids should be learning more abstract things in school, I feel. They will learn things like sewing by themselves anyway.

What about going to a party or something and you have a rip in your pants?

23 How to find the area of a shape or object

Just no use in the real world unless you are the one who creates the plan for building construction

24 Jumping over the horse
25 How to make objects out of boxes

Sure, we don't need to know that, but I think it was pretty fun.

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