Top Ten Things We Look for In a Man or Woman


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1 Intelligence

Intelligent Men Are extremely attractive. - Britgirl

It's extremely awkward if your lover can't use a fork and thinks that the Sun is fire, not plasma. So intelligence is a key thing to look for. - PositronWildhawk

Smartest in my class

I'm a smart girl - Lunala

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2 A Kind Heart

This is the thing I look for most in a girl, besides if she likes me or not of course.
Who added boobs to the list? Seriously? - EvilAngel

I don't care too much for looks, money, materials there not the most important thing I'd look for in a man but as long as the guy has a good heart & loves me there would be a future

Great options this is hard to choose only 1 dor now!

Hard to explain exactly but A girl whose got heart has reached the I care about you stage! - Curti2594

My heart's too big I even feel sympathy for inanimate objects EG: A cute stress ball being cut up by basic slime Instagam Starbucks girls on YouTube (slime asmr sucks) - Lunala

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3 A Good Sense of Humour

Men cannot go wrong if they can make a woman laugh. Sharing a joke with the opposite sex is a special feeling. - Britgirl

A good sense of humour is vital in a relationship. Hearing a woman laughing at my bad jokes is awesome. Women find a good sense of humour a turn on. - Barry2013

I love humour as long as it's good humour, I dislike shock/offensive humour. - Lunala

Oh definitely. I want someone who will laugh at my jokes - letdot52

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4 Fun

Party is my middle name! Music and Drinks PLEASE!

If ya ain't fun then best stay single! - Curti2594

5 Personality

My personality is humor, intelligence, and well, everywhere I go I sing out loud.

Someone Without personality is is trouble for for then just finding love! - Curti2594

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7 Compassion
8 Passion

I love a woman who is passionate about her hobbies; I.e: movies, music... COMEDY... There is a Girl I always dream about.

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9 Sexuality
10 Health

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11 A Nice Smile
12 Honesty V 1 Comment
13 Respectfulness

This is a huge must - Curti2594

14 Can do Gymnastics/Yoga
15 Kinkiness
16 Willingness to Listen
17 Nice Butt

Every man looks for a woman with a nice butt (especially if it's big) - DK

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18 Nice Breasts

What are so amazing about boobs?

TRUE (especially if they are big) - DK

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19 Warmth
20 Wealth
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