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21 John Cena John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand. more.

John Cena's accent sucks anyways, yet he would be a good voice for Crunch Bandicoot.

Yeah totally and don't forget about The Miz

22 Maths

Maths are fascinating! I certainly don't hate it. It teaches so much and opens several new worlds, so, whoever added this, leg it. - PositronWildhawk

It's my least favorite subject, but it does teach you a lot of things that you need to know. - funnyuser

I have mixed feelings about Maths, like a love/hate relationship kind of thing. - ShyChick

I hate math, but I'm surprisingly good at it.

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23 Collingwood Football Club (AFL)

You either like them or hate them. Unless you are me, and I am weird :D

24 Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

The soundtrack sucks ass, is spoiled, is too hard, & has terrible graphics! The Sonic Adventure series sucks, too! Sonic Advance series is MUCH worse. Besides, Amy Rose is kind of a coward.

I hope this game dies in a pit of fire.

This Game Made Me Quit The Franchise For Good

I like this game! And the dislikes will be over 9000.

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25 Creepy Ads
26 Porky Minch V 1 Comment
27 Call of Duty

Most overrated cared about franchise ever.

28 Bubsy the Bobcat

Has he ever made anything successful. - egnomac

29 Rap Music

My least favourite genre by far. - PositronWildhawk

The only good rappers are Eminem,2pac, The notorious B.I. G, Nas, Jay-z, Snoop dogg, Rakim,50-cent, etc - venomouskillingmachine

30 Jackie Evancho Jackie Evancho Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .

In the world? Sorry, but nobody ( or almost ) knows who she is in European countries. But then again, it's common knowledge that Americans idolize the most boring artists of their country.

Jackie Evancho is one of the most talented people in the world. - ShyChick

31 Manly NRL Club
32 The Kardashians V 1 Comment
33 Jasper Batt, Jr.
34 Barack Obama Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama II is the 44th president of the United States of America. He was elected in 2008 after serving in the Senate from 2005-08, beating John McCain and becoming the first African-American to be elected President of the United States. He was elected again in 2012, beating Mitt Romney.

Stupid Americans. That's why a clown like Donald Trump is president now. Think carefully before you hate someone.

He promised us change all we got were empty promises. - egnomac

I don't just love to hate him. I dread him for his actions!

35 Canadian TV shows

There are some good ones. But the YTV shows are horrible! Also I disagree with Nicki Minaj (not talented but music still sounds good), stupid questions, PE (no work so that's good), rap music (it's poetry to a beat! ), Super Mario Galaxy (from what I played it was fantastic), and Coldplay being on here.

36 Xbox One

The only good thing about the Xbox one is it's games - venomouskillingmachine

37 Navi the Fairy Navi the Fairy

Navi can't get any worse than Barbie, My Little Pony, Rapunzel & Princess Peach.

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38 Red Ring Of Death
39 Terrell Owens Terrell Owens Terrell Eldorado Owens is an American football wide receiver who played for the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League.

I know he's retired but if he lived forever, we'd always have a place if hate in our hearts.

I was looking forward to T.O. coming to Seattle (I don't know if anybody saw, but he joined the practice squad in 2011 but he couldn't keep up with the compitition), too bad he was old, I like a guy who plays angry. You'd have to play football to understand (maybe) - HTML_RuleZ_D00D

40 The Worst Person You Know

SpongeBob SquarePants Keeps Winning The Kids Choice Awards So He Is The Worst Person I Know - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Isn't Nicki Minaj on the list? Because this item seems redundant to me.

I think that Justin Bieber is the worst person I know because his songs stank

This girl Madison is my enemy

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