Top Ten Things We Loved About the NFL In the 2000s


The Top Ten

1 Close Super Bowls

Pats and Giants-Steelers and Cardinals-Pats and Rams. All close superbowls - ZachW97

I remember watching the steelers and cardinals. One of the best games I've ever watched

2 Wild Wideouts

T. O, Chad Ocho, and Steve Smith make scoring TDs fun. - ZachW97

3 Patriots Dynasty

3 out of 4. They say Bellichick was playing chess while every one else was playing checkers. - ZachW97

4 Records Meant to Be Broken

Numerous records were beaten big time and should be ahead of the patriot's dynasty and wild wide outs (I hate wild wide outs their dumb)

Brady's 50 TD passes, LT's Rushing yards, Randy Moss's TD receptions. - ZachW97

5 Brady vs. Manning

One who wins big games and one who makes records. - ZachW97

6 New Stadiums

25 new stadiums since 1995.Dont forget "Jerry World" the Dallas Cowboys stadium.Which is more like a concert than a game. - ZachW97

LOVE the photo of 1st Sgt. Marc Biletski cheering for the Seahawks! He's my baby brother and I am SO PROUD of him!

7 Coaching Carousel

Only Bellichick, J. Fisher, and Andy Reid didn't switch during the 2000's. The Redskins had the most coaching switches. - ZachW97

8 Red Flag

This changed the game so it becomes fair for coaches to give them a second chance. - ZachW97

9 Ace Kick Returners

Donte Hall, Devin Hester, Josh Cribbs. Donte the human joystick, Devin opening kickoff in superbowl, and Josh the new era. - ZachW97

Its hester 40 0 0 Colorado touchdown

10 Favre's Flip Flop

Packers, Jets, then Vikings. Are you gonna retire or not. - ZachW97

The Contenders

11 Saints Saints The New Orleans Saints are a professional American football team based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints currently compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league's National Football Conference South division.

That's what I'm talking about

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