Top 10 Things We May Never Know for Sure About Undertale


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1 What are Frisk's and Chara's genders actually supposed to be?

Probably Apache attack helicopter.

2 Which dog is best dog?
3 Could the Alphys X Amalgamates shipping actually be canon?

One word: NO.

4 Is Alphys really as weak as she lets on, or is there actually some degree of truth behind the Alphys NEO fight?
5 Did Gaster intentionally base Sans and Papyrus off of Mario and Luigi, or was it just a very fortunate coincidence?
6 Is Alphys really a girl, or is she actually just an incredibly effeminate transgender boy?
7 Which flamboyant male pop star was Mettaton EX's design REALLY based off of? (Or was it actually an anime character all along?)
8 Can Papyrus actually go "super" like how Sans does in the Genocide Run?
9 Is Chara truly evil in the first place, or just misunderstood?
10 How does Frisk see with his eyes perpetually closed?

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11 Where exactly did Alphys get the idea to name Lemon Bread LEMON BREAD?

For once, you are right.

12 What was the exact cause of Gaster's death?

By setting your 'fun' to certain levels, grey NPCS will appear. they say that Gaster shattered across time and space, or fell into his own creation. Gaster created the core so maybe he could be inside the core...? Gaster also typed in Entry 16 in the true lab saying
You two? Could this be possibly referring to Sans and Papyrus? Toriel and Asgore? Chara and another human? Whatever, Gaster is possibly the most mysterious character in the whole of the game.

13 Why do Asgore and Toriel both have literally the exact same house as each other?

Becasue they originally live at the ruins, but then they both moved to new home, where they wanted the same house layout so they wouldn't be nostalgia - Antifi

14 Why isn't the Alphys NEO fight in the actual game?
15 How hard of a boss fight could Mettaton NEO have canonically been if Alphys had only taken the time to work on his defensive capabilities?
16 Is the giantess scene from Alphys VS Undyne actually fully possible with Alphys' canonical anatomy?
17 Is there anything that Sans truly loves more than ketchup and bad puns?
18 What are Snowdrake's parents' real names?
19 If Lemon Bread is Shyren's sister, then who is Shyren's brother? (Aaron?)
20 How exactly are the Memoryheads linked to Gaster?
21 Where (or who) did Papyrus REALLY get his spaghetti obsession from?
22 Were Sans and Papyrus born naturally, or were they merely scientifically created by Gaster's experiments?
23 Does spider have puss puss?
24 Is there really any limit to how far Lesser Dog's neck can be stretched?
25 Does Frisk actually have control over himself or is he merely being possessed by Chara?
26 How did Flowey come up with the design for his Omega/Photoshop form?
27 Does Frisk prefer cinnamon or butterscotch?
28 Did Alphys secretly inject Undyne with determination as part of her infamous experiments at one point?
29 Who is Everyman?
30 Who left the Abandoned Quiche underneath the bench in Waterfall?
31 Do Alphys and Undyne actually end up marrying each other in the post-game?
32 What are (most of) the characters' last names?
33 Does Alphys really hate Mew Mew 2 or does she just not like it as much as the first one?
34 Is Undyne truly lesbian?
35 How are Burgerpants' facial expressions even possible?
36 Which Amalgamate is Alphys' favorite besides Enodgeny?
37 How many legs does Endogeny actually have?
38 Why does Endogeny have the shapes of CATS in between its legs?
39 Is Alphys really as ticklish as the fandom assumes her to be?
40 Are Sans' and Papyrus' lightsaber d***s actually canon?
41 What was the true reason why Alphys broke up with Asgore?
42 Is Megalovania supposed to be Sans' theme or Chara's?
43 What is Frisk's theme song?
44 Does Frisk actually kill anyone in the Tainted Pacifist ending?
45 Does Alphys really NEED to wear glasses, or is she just wearing them because she looks hot with them?
46 Who's hotter, Alphys or Undyne?
47 How and why did Sans and Papyrus turn out so incredibly different from each other and Gaster?
48 Could Papyrus actually be Skeletor's long-lost cousin?
49 Does Undertale actually take place in the Earthbound universe?
50 Were Alphys and Undyne secretly based off of Shulk and Reyn from Xenoblade?
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1. What are Frisk's and Chara's genders actually supposed to be?
2. Which dog is best dog?
3. Could the Alphys X Amalgamates shipping actually be canon?


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