Things We Must Do at Least Once in Life

Life is fast and fleeting....Out of your boring routines you should do something amazing that's makes you feel alive! And say " this actually Worth doin' "
What's the point if the journey ends without many lasting experiences? There are a few things that truly make us feel larger than life and missing out on them shouldn't be pardonable

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1 Attend concerts
2 Learn to play an instrument

Aiming for it.dreaming that could be next david gilmour or synyster gates or jimmy page - zxm

Wouldn't mind learning the sax, piano, trumpet. When I was 15, I tried to play double bass but couldn't get the thing under my chin :| - Britgirl

3 Go on a long cruise V 1 Comment
4 Visit a haunted place V 1 Comment
5 Help a stranger

And you would feel great happiness, an inner satisfaction in your soul. - Ananya

6 Engage in extreme sports like mountaineering or skydiving V 1 Comment
7 Donate money to change someone's life for good V 1 Comment
8 Spend a day without technology V 1 Comment
9 Break a law and flee

Not a very serious one -, that might harm someone else's life!
But mischief is important - Ananya

10 Buy the pets you have always dreamed of having

I don't think this will ever happen to me, because my oarents don't allow me to since my dream pet is an animal people think is a bad luck bringer (guess what animal it is) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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11 Study an acting career
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1. Donate money to change someone's life for good
2. Help a stranger
3. Attend concerts
1. Attend concerts
2. Go on a long cruise
3. Learn to play an instrument



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