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1 No One is Perfect

"Perfect" is the most overrated word people use and sadly, a word that is abused quite often, especially by elders (E.g. parents and teachers) who expect this from you in areas such as school grades, an activity or a job.

We can become way better than we are right now, we can learn something new, we can improve in every situation, but we need to know one thing; we will never be perfect.

Literally no one is perfect, in fact, perfection doesn't exist.

My best friend has her flaws and we get through them

Perfection doesn't exist. Nobody's perfect.

2 Fight for What You Believe In

Don't make other people destroy what you want to believe in, but be open-minded towards such ideas. Just learn how to defend yours and acknowledge the opinions and perspectives of the other party.

I fight for a crap-ton of things. Military and War funding, Childhood Cancer, Autism Awareness, School and Academic structure and management and even Filming and Media conventions, you name it.

I'm confused, "Fight for What We Believe In", or "Your Opinion doesn't Make it Right" are in direct conflict with each other.

I fight that britgirl never leaves the site.

3 How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is my biggest fear, which is why I don't ask about many things. I just fear getting rejected and then not knowing what to do. I try to go ahead and do rather than dream, but every time I chicken out.

When my best friend left me, I was shocked. But eventually I came over it.

I fear this rejection so I must learn to deal with it someday

I am always bad at rejection.

4 When to Walk Away

Yes I did say "Never give up" but you also have to be smart and know when is the right time to walk away from something that clearly isn't right for you. There is a difference between being strong-minded and stubborn and just plain stupid. Are you smart enough to spot it? I am.

Even when something is seemingly okay on the surface. If it doesn't feel right, let it go. Walk away. Why waste precious time?

Again I am confused, this is the direct opposite of "Never Give Up".

It really isn't the same as giving up.

5 Your Actions Have Consequences

Dang this could very well be the best lis ton this site! Britgirl, YOU ARE A GENIUS!

6 To Never Give Up

Very, very good list

Never give up

I need to applicate me this!

7 Just Because It's Your Opinion, It Doesn't Make It Right

There are no right or wrong opinions. People just need to learn and know that.

And there's no such thing as "right". Claiming such is basically an opinion.

Whether you like it or not, your opinion won't be correct.

And let other's have opinions.

8 People Change

I would never, ever want to be judged based off of the things I did in the past. The same way, I refuse to judge people based off of what THEY did in the past. You'd be astonished how fast and how often people change. Holding grudges is a waste of energy.

It's just sad that some people change at a faster rate and the dreams you shared together are no longer are not what you both want anymore.
But change is good. Mostly.

I've had a pretty good change in my personality after twelve years of stupidity, and I hate being judged by my past.

Yeah, my friend Bob used to be a pretty cool guy, now he's a total douchebag.

9 Not to Lie to Yourself

Can't Find yourself lost in your lies!

10 You Can't Always Get What You Want

The more things we create, the more problems we create. As our world get more and more complex, it becomes harder and harder to follow what's going on. We move so rapidly and mindlessly through the rat race of life that we're the lab rats controlled by our own possessions.

We so often focus on what we don't have, rather than being thankful for what we do.

But if you try sometime, you'll get what you need.

However, I get 95% of what I really want.

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11 People Don't Change

The statement "People change" is true. It's a paradox but "People Don't Change" is also true. So we have to learn that, too, and not to waste our precious time with people who only promise to change.

12 That Everyone Has a Right to Be Here
13 Patience is a Virtue
14 The World Does Not Owe You Anything
15 Your Quirks are Unique

Anyone who says they are crazy are usually people who want a reputation and attention.

I'm a crazy weirdo and I'm calling you, 'cause I've really got nothing better to do!

Very true. I don't want "perfect" people in my life. That would be far too boring.

Friend: You're weird
Me: Thank you!

16 How to Not Get Screwed by the Banks
17 That It's Okay to Not Fit In

I am looking at you, conformists who are trying too hard.

18 People are Sexier When They Eat Right and Exercise

And have better sleep

19 Humans are Evolving
20 When Someone is Being Genuine or Not
21 To Prioritize
22 Be Careful What You Wish For
23 Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover
24 How to Change Something Negative Into a Positive
25 Haters are There So that You Can Learn from Them

True, I had haters, I learned from them, and I learned what you can do, they become friends

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