Top Ten Things We Obviously Shouldn't Do But Do Anyway

Sometimes we slip and do things we know we shouldn't
The Top Ten
1 Throw Away a Recyclable Item in the Trash Because the Trash is Closer

I do this at school... *sobs* I'M SORRY IT'S JUST THAT I'M LAZY!

2 Put an Empty Box of Food Back in the Fridge

I do this all the time and my mom gets mad at me for doing this.

The box is empty... Like my heart. :'(

I hate these people.

3 Leave the Toilet Paper Roll Empty

I know I'm not the only one...

I do this all the time.

I hate when people do this and its after I pee so I have to yell for someone to bring me some toilet paper

4 Lie

Sometimes lying is good

5 Put Gum Under a Table

I'll be honest, I don't think I've ever done this, but I've encountered enough to know many people do.

This runes public property and should be considered vandalism.

People do this ALL the time. Not kidding.

Putting it on the floor is worse

6 Not Flush the Toilet

Okay, ill be honest, I don't understand why you wouldn't flush a toilet. Its not hard. I promise.

Or not washing your hands.

People do this? Eww. They’re lazy. It’s easy.

7 Watch Reality TV

I love watching dance moms. Watching reality T.V. is okay. I don't think you should live a life where you aren't allowed to enjoy reality T.V. if it's entertaining.

I watched many seasons of shark tank and I'm not ashamed of it at all

... Dance moms is a guilty pleasure of mine, I'm sorry.

I love Reality T.V.!

8 Pee in a Pool

"there are two types of people in the world, people who pee in a pool, and people who are lying"

That’s disgusting.

9 Procrastinate

I do this all the time, and as a result I stay up until 3 in the morning working on some project

Um, I do this every single time I have homework.

I think we’ve all been guilty of doing this

10 Drop an Ice Cube and Just Kick It Under the Fridge

I sometimes do that when I'm really mad.

I either do that or let my doggy eat it

What can I say? I'm living on the edge.

I just throw it out.

The Contenders
11 Leave the Power on When Not Using a Device
12 Overeat

Well, I kind of have to because I need to be a certain weight to ride something at Wisconsin Dells.

I do this at buffets all the time

I do, but I still don’t really get fat. My stomach is a bottomless pit so it takes at least 4 slices of pizza or 8 sandwiches to fill me. I’m not kidding. I usually can’t get full but if I do, it’s only for 5 minutes then I’m hungry again.

13 Be Hateful

Don't be homophobic or racist or anything. No, your god does not say that being gay is a sin.

14 Spend So Much Money on Oneself
15 Cheat on Your Significant Other

The list is about things we do anyway but shouldn't. Not everybody cheats on his / her companion, so it's a little bit out of line to put this one on the list.

16 Wear Clothes Twice

If I pair it with something different and wear it two days later... No one would notice. Right?

17 Drive to Somewhere Just Around the Corner

My mom does this cause it's either raining, too hot, or just too lazy to walk

18 Mock the Disabled

That's rude, I would never do that.

19 Leave the Toilet Seat Up

Can someone tell me why we shouldn't and please don't give me a god related answer.

Listen up guys. Every time you masturbate, god kills a kitten.

This is probably the most likely thing on this site. But why?

22 Microwave Cup Noodles

Well, I haven't died yet! Lol

23 Watch Porn

These are hard words. The porn industry is not gonna stop because you commited suicide. I don't have either a great respect for the people in that industry but I have to admid that sometimes I watch porn.

I would never ever do this if my life depended on it. Not kidding, I'd rather commit suicide.

Eww. Why would anyone do that? It’s terrible.

24 Eat Sugary Sweets
25 Hate God
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