Top Ten Things We Probably Never Think About During the Day


The Top Ten

1 How many words you'll say or said in the day

How about how many comments us fellow TopTenners make here on TheTopTens? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Well, I do think of this type of stuff in the shower - Martinglez

Who will count this? By the way great list!

2 What the Prime Minister or President will be having for dinner

Surely the garnished bones of the little people.

3 How many steps you take in the whole day
4 What the weather was doing this time last year
5 What you'll go to bed and dream about
6 Picasso

Sorry...Could you say that again in my good ear, please?

7 Dostoyevsky
8 Wayne's World

BG: Looking down this list. Fascinating thought process. Seriously. No sarc.

9 Beetroot
10 The Meaning of Life

I just keep thinking that why we have to go to school - zxm

Actually, I do think about this. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 The year 1298
12 The Backstreet Boys
13 There is an itch somewhere on your body at all times

Wow!'re right! I've honestly never thought about it. - Britgirl

14 That weird, scratching sound in the attic
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