Things We Really Shouldn't Laugh At But Do

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1 Racist Jokes

So there's a Italian a Mexican, and a American on a boat, the boat is sinking, so the captain says they each need to throw off something their country has too much of, so the Italian throws off pasta and meatballs, the Mexican throws of cocaine, and the American throws off the Mexican.
This is so offensive and hysterical!

They are so funny! I'd call anyone a liar who says they have never laughed at at least three racist jokes. It doesn't make you a racist, it means you have a sense of humor.

Yeah. People who love racist jokes have the best sense of humor lol

Yes, I admit, I find them funny - even jokes about the English (of which I am very proud to be) They're just jokes - read/hear them and move on.

A green man lives in a green house, a pink man lives in a pink house, and a blue man lives in a blue house.

Who lives in a White House?

Barack Obama.

2 A Foreigner Speaking English Badly

This is not funny at all. I move here when I was 4, from a foreign country (I'm not going to mention which). Thankfully, I didn't struggle much in learning, but I remember the times I was still bad at English, when I didn't even know what a dog was. This is not funny, instead of laughing at the person, try to help them and teach them your language.
Besides, you probably only know one language, while they know more than one. Try speaking their language!

Look people, I moved to America 3 years ago from Italy and I didn't even know how to say "hi" you think its easy not knowing what the teacher is saying in school? I'm only 9 right now but I have learned English (yay! ) and if anyone wants to laugh at someone who isn't good at English, youll have to get through me first

I'm in a Mexican school and I teach the kids English and I started laughing my head off


November=Chai Mein


I can't help it when my female worst enemy makes a mistake as big as this!

Horrible, I know.
But I bet foreigners would laugh at you if you spoke their language badly, so it's all good.

3 Sexist Jokes

Laugh out loud it's hard not to laugh, I got a good one let's see if you can pass my test, if you laugh you lose, don't, then you win. Ok here is the joke... An 80yr old. Man come home from work finding her 80yr old wife doing a handstand. Shocked, the man asked what she was doing. An replies,"I know you can't get it up, but maybe you can drop in :3"

Q: Is Google male or female? A: Female, because it doesn't let you finish a sentence before making a suggestion.

Oh god please stop the jokes you'll are removing the meaning of the post! I admit that they are funny though!

Did you hear about the blonde who took her new scarf back to the shop because she said it was too tight...?

Q: Why do brides wear white?
A: Because that's the colour of most kitchen appliances!

4 Someone Tripping Over

O m g. I saw this video on a elderly man falling over on his wheel chair. I couldn’t stop wheezing lmao. Kindness has left the chat

It's really bad to admit but someone tripping over their feet and pretending they're not embarrassed by it is very funny...

Sorry, but when a fat classmate tripped, I had a bad time controlling it..

Sometimes I do laugh when someone trips but I know its wrong of me.

5 Someone Struggling With Their Shopping

Hey guys if you find this funny the sth isn't alright with you.

6 A Fat Woman In Leggings

If you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point of anything? Animal print... SEXY!

How beautiful! Laugh out loud

Laugh out loud, I can't tell...

I don't blame her though. They're sooo comfy!

7 Watching a Kid Getting Spanked in Public

I would NOT like to have this experience ever. But I've grown up to the point that this thing will never happen to me (except if anybody loves to spank a high school student). But yes this is really funny! And I don't want this kid's parents to see me laughing.

Its actually really really funny watching an ungrateful brat acting up in public and their parents just woopin them, hey I got spanked as kid I turned out just fine.

It's so weird after I laugh at this because people stare at me like "what is wrong with you?! " It's so hard not to laugh though!

I got reminded about those images on Deviantart when I read this. *Shudders*

8 People With Aspergers

I can see where the humor may come from, that being the behavior of some people with Aspergers. But, the fact that they have it and can't help themselves isn't funny.

Um... It's really one thing to see a person tripping over their own feet as that last a few seconds and then its forgotten about. But this just isn't funny. Sorry.

I once heard someone say Asperger before. Of course me, being the insensitive idiot I am, laughed my head off. You know what it sounds like! I didn't know what an Asperger was. I still regret it.

It's time for you people to stop judging us by our behaviors. Most people with asperger syndrome are really intelligent and act like adults. I have asperger syndrome and I'm 23 years old.

9 Someone Wearing A Neck-Brace

They just look so funny when they're trying to turn their head. But it must hurt like hell

10 Someone Getting Hit In the Crotch

I'll never know the true extent of the pain this causes, so I will laugh. If I were a dude, I'd probably laugh a little less...

I used to laugh at this...but after a very unfortunate skateboarding incident I just remember the pain.

Its only funny when it happens to someone other than yourself.

I have never laughed at this, it's too painful to think about.

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? Other People Getting in Trouble

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11 Someone With Dried Food On Their Face

Or a bogey! That's much harder not to laugh at.

I think them slobs should wipe they mouth.

This is disgusting!

Disgusting! but maybe a little funny

12 Watching Someone Fall Off the Roof

I can imagine someone with a bland expression on their face as someone tumbles to their bloody fall into rose bushes and cement.

Laugh out loud this list is hilarious & this is the funniest option. Love this list, Britgirl you're always @ the top.

This is pretty funny but I feel bad

Just ask if they are ok and if they say yes, laugh away

13 When Someone Is Upset Because Their Pet Goldfish Has Died

How is this funny? It's like losing a best friend! It really isn't funny, and you'd have to have a very, very bad sense of humor to find it so. Losing someone is NEVER funny, no matter who - or what species - they are.
I personally have lost a goldfish. I still regret not taking care of him properly, even to this day. R.I.P. Goldfish. I wish you the best of luck. Wherever you are...

Death is horrible, even if their just a goldfish. To some people, goldfish are cherished pets, who are almost like dogs. Would you laugh at someone whose dog died? Hopefully not. You've got a sick sense of humor, and you need to stop making fun of people.

I don't have a fish but my parrot passed away long time ago and I was hurt and upset after I was being ignored or bullied over the loss by some stupid kids!

Hey this was a terrible moment for me!
I didn't get over the Death of all my Fish until 3 weeks later hen they all seemed to Die in a Span of weeks!

14 A Weird Sounding Name

You can just die of laughter when you hear them on Impractical Jokers...
In one of the "Try not to laugh" challenges..Murr and others failed when they had to call those names, like - ' Rachel Dahabahaba'.. U'nique Areola'...

I made fun of my classmate's name by calling her Kimberly the pink ranger back in 4th grade

At school, I knew a Miss Ing, and to make matters worse, she was almost always absent.

There's a girl with the last name bubinik. When she told me I laughed because it sounded weird.

15 Someone Who's Lost Their Winning Lottery Ticket

Or someone who did win, but ripped up the card thinking it was a joke.

They would be sad.
What if someone tricked another person?

Sad; but sometimes downright risible!

*squidward laugh* HER HER HER

*spongebob laugh* Bahahaa!

16 When You Catch Someone Masturbating

Honestly my friends just start gagging. But they laugh at masturbation jokes

Here some advice lock the door the next time you masturbate.

I suppose those girls laughed at your jokes too...

This isn’t really as funny as it is disturbing.

17 Autistic People

This really isn't funny. There are some ignorant people in the world who'll laugh at anything. Fart is funny. Autism is not. And neither is bipolar disorder.

I am autistic and this is just bulcrap. I have been overlooked all my life just cause I'm different. I agree that I can be pretty funny but do I really have to live this life.

Well, this list ain't called "things we shouldn't laugh at but do" for nothing...

There is a line here. And this crossed it.

18 Someone Farting In Public

This is actually very funny!

It's immature, but...I'm sorry...

This is funny! Haha!

Lol! this made me laugh!

19 Mugshots

Ha I knew it would only be a matter of time before this happened.

Nah, I laugh harder at his death on CSI.

I was laughing when I found this out.

Arrest him! He is sucks.

20 Someone Who Has Big Ears/Nose
21 People Getting Hurt

*trips on shoelaces, falls, breaks through glass mall barrier, lands on floor really hard, and breaks all bones in body* [weakly] So this is funny? - SoongeBill

I tried not to, but one time, someone fell in their chair on to someone else's desk and I started laughing. The whole class looked at me.

Is that even funny on first place?

It's funny as long as nobody dies.

22 The Fact that This List is Really Messed Up
23 Cancer

If you laugh at people who have cancer, you are sick in your mind and you need seriously help if you do. A terrible disease is NOT laughing matter. There is a reason why I never use it as an insult, why would I? And no, because you don’t like to use a disease as an insult doesn’t mean you are sensitive

No that's WAY too far.

24 People Naked

I saw a half naked guy walking around at the hospital in public once

"With no clothes on"

Is that even legal?

25 9/11

To every comment on here: Every person has a different taste of humor. No matter how dark or sad it is.

I can't believe admin felt this, or any items about terrorist attacks was okay to be added.

Jokes about gay people, cancer, autistic people, 9/11, hitler, etc are never funny.

What’s funny about a terrorist attack? I can understand laughing at jokes about it, but to laugh at the disaster itself is just sick.

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