"Kids These Days"

Kids these days, with their little IPhones,
Ipods, IPads, and Amazon Drones.
They will never get to experience VHS,
CDs, Floppy Disks, Cassettes, and the NES.

Kids these days, what are they listening to now?
Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and "Boom Boom Pow"?
What happened to the days of rock?
Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and "Jailhouse Rock"?

Kids these days, with their fancy mathematics.
What the heck is this "Common Core" mathematics?
I remember doing long division.
What happened to basic multiplication?

Kids these days, don't know what their missing,
The good old days of Ecto Cooler sipping.
I remember watching "The Lion King",
And actually running around in the spring.

Kids these days, are actually alright.
You guys, just stop making this a plight!
Don't be so sappy, you butthurt saps,
Your only 23, go back to your parents you little old chaps!


The scent of a nostalgitard his close. - visitor

Agree with what you said. People need to stop living in the past so much. It's not good for you ya know. - visitor

What's so bad about living in the past and being a "nostolgiatard? " I wish so bad that I could live in the 1980's. He's right. Kds these days need to get their noses out of technology and actually do something productive. - RockFashionista

Like visiting TheTopTens? - PetSounds

Well for starters, you're 12! You can't say you're proud of being one when you're a kid. - visitor

TheTopTens is a great place to find old stuff from the past. I mean if it wasn't for this site I would've never have found out about Dream Theater. And they're a pretty great band. - visitor

All I had when I was younger was a PlayStation 2 and a 12 gauge shotgun - bobbythebrony

Kids have guns? O_o - Coolfox04

As The Who once sang, the kids are all right. - PetSounds

This is kinda funny. - Chaotixhero

Good take on one of the biggest things on the Internet. - PinkFloyd87

What's so bad about nostalgia? Some people simply aren't content with what's going on today, and want to ignore it. It's their choice if they wanna do it, and it should still be respected. - Turkeyasylum

The Nineties were better. - visitor

The 80's were better than the 90's. (In my humble opinion.) - RockFashionista

Nostalgiatards. I hate them. They always have huge rubbery fish lips to say something about modern times, but somehow their lips turn smooth and unchapped when ever they say something about old times. These people need to be bnned from ThTopTens. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

NO - Coolfox04