Top Ten Things We Should Do to the Guy Who Adds Justin Bieber to Every List

This is a list that explains what we should do the turd who adds that other Justin Bieber to every list if we found where he lives.

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1 Force him to stop adding Justin Bieber to every list

I know Justin Bieber sucks, but this idiot needs to stop adding Justin Bieber to every list. Note: I'm well aware we don't know where he is. - Therandom

So you're telling me he is worse than Osama Bin Laden? - Serperior77

I hate Justin Bieber but the joke is getting too old now. Some jokes make NO sense at all!

Actually, all of the Justin Bieber lists are added by LJJ207, and I feel like I want to kill him he could be adding him for sure. I know because I clicked JB’s pictures on different topics!

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2 Beat him up

Isn't that going a bit too far? I'd rather tell him to stop doing that.

This would teach him a lesson. - Therandom

Maybe not be violent

No no no we all need to be nice to everyone

3 Smash the device he is using to add Justin Bieber to every list

My iPad is actually cracked, so I think gravity did it for you.

That would be fun - Minecraftcrazy530

I would so do that. - PizzaGuy

4 Add him to worst of everything lists

Why? Just because he thinks Justin Bieber deserves to be put in such lists?

I like this one. Classy but still so sassy

He was once in Worst Disney Singers! Ugh!

5 Justin Bieber

I see what you did there - Officialpen

Well that was creative...


Lol. That’s creative - KingSlayer93316

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6 Have every TopTenner comment on this list

I guess I'll be the first one - Jonerman

That guy should be repeatedly kicked in the pecans.

The pecans? what

Commented - Lunala

7 Have PositronWildhawk or Britgirl beat him up.

Best users ever face war against the trolls.

It is an honor to see this couple in a duel with me.

8 Humiliate him/her in public

But we all know Justin Bieber deserves it!

It could be a girl

9 Break his Justin Bieber albums

The reason he adds Justin Bieber to every list is because he secretly likes him. - RockFashionista

How ironic. If I were that person, would you do that? Because I don't have such "albums".

The ones who are adding in every lists are actually Bieber's fans.

I don't have any - Sausagelover99

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10 Make Him Add Jacob Sartorius Instead of Justin Bieber

Jacob Sartorius is (relatively) fresh and new. Let's overuse him instead. - D0S

The Contenders

11 Praise him

Yeah, if it’s on a list for a bad reason - KingSlayer93316

12 Turn of his power
13 Have Justin Bieber fight him

Are you kidding me? Even a 8 year old girl would be able to bash Bieber.

The battle of the two most annoying things on the planet. Who will win? - Therandom

I honestly would really like to see this haha - Jonerman

Justin Bieber vs Mr Visitor, Who Will Win in this epic battle?

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14 Give him a medal

Thank you for that.

15 Troll him

Open a creepypasta jumpscare for him. - 05yusuf09

16 Give him a pat on the back

I'm. That. Guy. Muwhahaahahaahahaahahaa!

That guy did it well...Justin Bieber is the best meme of the site.

17 Shave His Pubic Hair Then Push Him Down A Volcano
18 Make them listen to his music
19 Force his account to be deleted

What if he/she has actually done other great things to the site? Like funny blog post series? And being very nice to other users? This list is just so...I don't know what to say.

Like Sausagelover99 he is the best user of this site

Velitelcabal has the policy tick profile picture and adds JB to every list. His account should be deleted. - GrapeJuiceK

20 Ignore him
21 Sue him in court

The most sensible option, and the least barbaric. - imacg4

Sue me in court right now. I added him to many lists.

22 Make him eat Justin Bieber

Oh that's cannibalism - Sausagelover99

23 Murder him

Dude this is wrong. - BorisRule

24 Salute him
25 Kill him

Postiron Wildhawk, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, the ultimate combo.. - 05yusuf09

26 Force choke them
27 Send him to hell

Where he cannot put it up on this website anymore

28 Ban him from TheTopTens for eternity
29 Make him add another person named Justin to every list
30 Expose his alien identity to the public
31 Make him pay for Justin Bieber's medical bills
32 Install ransomware on his computer
33 Be like him
34 Make him listen to the song "baby", until his death.
35 Let Him Go
36 Help him add Justin Bieber to every list
37 Congratulate him
38 Lock him in a cage with Justin Bieber
39 Make Justin Bieber sit on his face and fart
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1. Beat him up
2. Add him to worst of everything lists
3. Smash the device he is using to add Justin Bieber to every list
1. Force him to stop adding Justin Bieber to every list
2. Beat him up
3. Smash the device he is using to add Justin Bieber to every list
1. Justin Bieber
2. Make Him Add Jacob Sartorius Instead of Justin Bieber
3. Praise him

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