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21 Dolphin Pokemon
22 Bathrooms

Seriously, guys. This is a major issue!

23 An Alolan Growlithe/Arcanine
24 Team Plasma

How about an international alliance of all the villainous teams from previous games along with a new team? Then again, it would be too much data for a 3DS. Maybe at least make it like two villainous teams are working TOGETHER, so it won't be another Team Magma and Team Aqua. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

25 Being able to find mew V 1 Comment
26 An open overworld

One of my favorite part of Red and Blue was having an explorable region with little to no hm hazards or streamlining stories. Every new game requires the players to follow a planned story, collect the right badges to advanced, or both with almost no altering/ optional paths! (cough cough X&Y cough cough) My hopes going into Sun and Moon is for a landlocked region.

27 More new dynamics, less fan pandering!
28 Cinccino mega evolution
29 Secret bases

It's your own space to customize and make your own

30 More than 100 Pokemon
31 Snorlax Mega Evolution
32 Pyroar Mega Evolution
33 Mega Eeveelutions
34 A Dolphin Pokémon
35 Dragon Type Eeveelution
36 More Primal Legendaries
37 Legendary Poison Type

Should be based on Nuclear Radiation or Powerplants or somehing like that... we still havn't have Poison/Steel or Poison/Electric. - PokemonGOSucks

38 Decidueye and Incineroar Megas

This would be awesome also SYLVEON sucks now that that's done there is a suggestion her for lest spotlight on Pikachu WHAT THE HECK are you thinking!

39 More Spotlight on Mimikyu Backstory and What Mimikyu Is

Since I heard about mimikyu I've always wondered what is under the cloth! They need some spotlight on that

My theory:

Your worst nightmares are under Mimikyu's cloth. That's pretty much the only way someone can get killed by looking at something. Just think: you look under Mimikyu's cloth. An empty black void. The most disturbing thing you've ever seen appears. You are so terrified that you die.

I'm surprised this isn't a game theory topic!

40 Making a Eeveelutions Pluton for Every Type
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